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Mid-Atlantic ACC Championship

About the Contest and Rules | Last Week's Results

Final Results

In the Music City Bowl, the Wahoo representative correctly picked Virginia to beat Minnesota in a close win. So the Wahoos get five points -- three for the win, one for getting the spread right, and one for the upset. The other two teams picked Minnesota.

Everyone got the no-brainer, Tech in a regular win over Louisville in the Gator Bowl. Unfortunately, no one told the Cardinals that they were supposed to lose. So Louisville did pretty well during the first half when Marcus Vick's only significant contribution was to kicking an opponent when he was down (literally). In the second half, the Hokies woke up and avoided embarrassment. Everyone gets four points for this game.

The Terps had wrapped the season win quite a long time ago. The format of the contest rewarded an early break away. As in the Tour de France, all you need to do is win an early stage and then just draft off your opponents. The Terps made great picks, but they were also able to make it so the competition didn't have a prayer.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated this year.

Final Standings

Virginia Tech68

The Last Picks

  Picks by Alums of
Minnesota vs. Virginia
(Music City Bowl)
Minn 2 Minn 2 UVA 1
Virginia Tech vs. Louisville
(Gator Bowl)
VT 2 VT 2 VT 2

Spreads [previously: "Quality of Win Designations"]:

1. LOW: Six or fewer points
2. REGULAR: Seven points to 23 points
3. HIGH: 24 or more points

What Is It?

The "Mid-Atlantic ACC Championship" is a contest among VHTRC representatives of the three local ACC football teams - Maryland, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. To make it interesting, it is not a contest to be decided on the football field. It will be decided by the prognostication abilities of the designated alumnae and alumni of each school.

Each week, each school will pick the winners of the UVA, VT, and MD games. Each school receives points based on its picks (see below). At the end of the season, the winning school is the one whose graduates earned the most points.

For each game that one of the three schools plays each week, the contestants pick the winner and whether the win was a lucky win (i. e. Maryland over Navy, UVA over SU), just a win (any of Tech's games so far), or a "bring on the Green Bay Packers next" type win (USC over Arkansas 70-17 [but NOT USC over Hawaii 63-17 since Hawaii is a patsy]). Lucky win includes embarrassing win. Both Miami and Florida State got embarrassing/lucky wins last weekend. For the crushing win, the opponent counts. So, 14-0 could be a crushing win if the loser was never in the game and the winner was a heavy underdog. Points are scored as follows:

Each team captain must get the school's picks in by 5:00 PM each Thursday. I will put them on the Web site when received. (For purposes of the extra point for picking an upset, the underdog is the underdog as of Thursday. If the odds change after that, the designation of the underdog for these purposes does not.)

Any alumnus or alumna of one of the schools (defined as persons with degrees and not currently in jail, thus letting out of contention most former athletes of at least one of the schools) my join his or her colleagues in making picks. There is, however, only one pick from each school and those picks come from the three captains who have already been designated. If you want to contact your captain, e-mail Anstr.

Anstr will be the sole judge of the quality of the win. He will look for adjectives and adverbs in the Washington Post write up of the game. If you did not attend one of these three schools, you may offer advice to Anstr on quality of win designations.

Winners don't win anything but bragging rights.

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