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VHTRC Football Contest
Final Season Standings

Here are the final standings for the 2011 season of the VHTRC football contest.

If someone didn't submit picks one week, his or her score is the lowest submitted score minus 2. That score is listed at the bottom of each column. We eliminated each player's lowest week score to calculate the final standings.

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Name WeeksTotal
Timothy Loomis131213151412111110171115144
C.J. Blagg1313169151271110161013138
Adam Matheson12111410111181310171016135
Matthew Lancaster14161410159789141116136
Jack Evans1211121212910109181314133
John Guendelsberger15111213111013108161211134
Jim Daniels1113101311111015914915132
Mark Prescott1211149121110812141117133
Michael McCumber1511131211101189151014131
Gary Knipling1312131012121011913914129
Kevin Bligan1161413118111311141312131
Andrew Krueger1311813141010111013815128
Eren Guendelsberger148121116813111251016131
Jeff Wilbur1491591099121216712127
Bill Losey1011131015811614131012127
Gary Lukacs1461111141110128151011127
Dan Rose1512961189108151215124
Jim Harris10812141291110781116121
Michael Gildea13711111591271091211120
Alisa Springman13911121181211513912121
Bunny Runyan7101381315612813912120
Gary Hearn15412811710159121013122
Andy Gingrich71112911712108101116117
Paul Blackman11710811910121214119117
Stephan Dobson13610912121186111115118
Mark Zimmermann910101012710111214108116
Quatro Hubbard10101211611871017912117
Bob Combs118101391381375914115
Anstr Davidson1579108111210971110112
Larry Ryan111213109491199712112
Larry Huffman787812851311141210110
Charlie Miracle15611611101011651013109
Brad Hinton1112544234355662
No Pick Score76544234355652

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