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VHTRC Football Contest
2019 Final Season Standings

Here are the final overall season standings for the 2019 VHTRC football contest. For the final results, the last column (Adj Total), the low score (column Lowest) is thrown out. In 2019, the game was not played in weeks one or two.

If someone didn't submit picks one week, his or her score is the lowest submitted score minus 2. That score is listed at the bottom of each column. We will eliminate each player's lowest week score to calculate the final standings.

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Name WeeksLowestRaw TotalAdj Total
Scott Lee13131411121011101512101210143133
Jim Harris101014101113131212117117134127
Paul Blackman13899910810161413138132124
Michael Strzelecki1111115101311121414795128123
Darin Dunham1212128811141012713107129122
Charlie Miracle101111710121310121111107128121
Jim Daniels1291010961471489136121115
Jeff Reed78101214121171299117122115
Anstr Davidson51213121171211109995120115
Helen MacDermott91113127910131171097121114
Eric Thornton10813108101191372132114112
Bill Sublett12109812771013101366117111
Thomas McNulty91014101078111111987118111
Addie Welch1011111489810147787117110
Gary Knipling31110126810111313793113110
Greg Jackson988911121111139686115109
Jake Stephens10891110631013813103111108
Jon Jester1111109888512121185113108
Heath Harris1112610796891210136113107
Philip Westlake898106610714118136110104
Larry Huffman131181198659109105109104
Matthew Lancaster911108867811138106109103
Quatro Hubbard548118118981210134107103
Kevin Bligan81391171096118796108102
John Fitz1110119685213101082103101
Doug Massengale101179610105138795105100
Jack Evans97101081074131249410399
Lisa BandieraWoetzel1391388899972429997
Michael Hart1098119934610101039996
Jeff Klein122784968611121229795
Gary Lukacs312910786513105939794
David Peppelman109710101132652427977
George Sefzik3913114432652426664
No Pick Score32454432652424442

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