Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Massanutten Mt Trails 100 Mile Run
May 16-17, 2009

by Don Halke

Ok, the results for the run did not turn out like I had hoped. I ran “only” to the 56 mile point of the 100 mile run, and only had the privilege to experience four of the major climbs.

Don Halke
Don Halke out of Veach Gap Aid Station
Photo: Aaron Schwartzbard

The race day was hot, it rained, (a lot), it thundered and lightning, it banged very very close to us as we ran the mountain ridges. We fell, and some of us multiple times, my glasses fogged, my vision was blurred by rain drops on our glasses, we bruised our feet, twisted our ankles, drew blood on multiple body extremities, picked tics off ourselves, were bit by mosquitoes and horse flies, jumped over rattlesnakes, chaffed at sensitive areas, were tended to by caring aid-station volunteers and dear friends supporting us as crews/pacers, we were cheered on by co-runners, we were cheered on by unknown families, we were hugged by casual acquaints that are bound to us from prior runs we have championed together, we had another opportunity to make new friends, we had opportunities to help others with simple acts of kindness or just an encouraging smile or word, and we had the rare opportunity to be alone with ourselves and consider who we are, and what we are doing with the life we have been blessed with.

Some may say that “I only ran 56 miles.” But I still feel like a winner!

I want to share a special thank you to my crew, Sharon Fager, Mickey Williamson, and Marcia Peters who was unable to come along in person, but was with us in spirit! They spent their weekend helping to make my adventure a success. They succeeded!

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