Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler

May 17-18, 2014
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Performance Awards

Duplicate awards are not allowed except in the Solo divisions. For duplication purposes, we work down the list with each finisher eligible for the awards not taken by earlier finishers.
Current event record.
* = Bettered in 2014.
(inc 2014)
Overall Male
17:40:45 Sim Kae Duk (36)-2006
1Karl Meltzer46Sandy, UT18:40:236 
Overall Female
*21:24:30 Angela Shartel (40)-2014
7Angela Shartel40San Diego , CA21:24:301 
Master Female
*21:24:30 Angela Shartel (40)-2014
37Kari Brown40Bedford, PA27:29:028VHTRC
Master Male
18:18:28 Karl Meltzer (43)-2011
3James Blandford44Hamburg, PA19:21:455 
Senior Female
26:51:35 Sheryl Wheeler (50)-2013
62Lori Johnson50Red Hill, PA29:30:313 
Senior Male
21:07:36 Jack Pilla (53)-2012
31David Peterman51Stow, OH27:18:046 
Super Senior Female
31:33:01 Barbara Isom (62)-2010
Super Senior Male
25:37:46 Dan Spurlock (60)-2013
114Paul Crickard60Columbia, MD34:17:195VHTRC
Septuagenarian Male
*34:56:16 Gary Knipling (70)-2014
128Gary Knipling70Mason Neck, VA34:56:1617VHTRC
VHTRC Female11Eva Pastalkova38Ashburn, VA23:22:153VHTRC
VHTRC Male13Rande Brown43Bedford, PA23:42:1910VHTRC
Solo Female81Susan Donnelly51Oak Ridge, TN30:29:1313 
Solo Male3Pierre Loic Deragne46Meyzieu, France19:23:311 

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