Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 19-20, 2018
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught the use of personal listening devices.

Solo Men
12Jason Lantz3720:35:25
23Scott Gregor3121:42:45
37David Lantz2922:51:59
412Jesse Tubb4124:11:46
514Martin Rouillard4725:44:07
616Keith Knipling4226:12:59
721Dustin Campion3226:40:56
824Patrick Kanold5026:48:51
928Ryan Nebel3427:42:44
1029John Lehmann4227:47:34
1134David Kennedy3928:22:20
1241Thad Will4529:11:52
1342Josh Howe3929:16:30
1446James Heun5930:22:01
1547Lyn Jones5230:22:24
1660Greg Trapp5531:28:04
1765Serge Gosselin5431:44:11
1868Steve Morneau4131:57:53
1969Patrice Godin5031:58:00
2073Thomas Haine5132:10:58
2181Harry Mattison4533:09:40
2288Jack Sayles5333:42:08
2397Adam Korona4434:18:32
24102Roger Jensen6734:31:19
25104Larry Huffman5734:37:38
26108Levi Rizk3434:43:10
27109Olivier Jacqueau5634:43:10
28110Joshua Wynn4234:54:50
29112Roy Heger6335:00:15
30113John W. Taylor5635:15:44
31114Philip Pagdanganan5435:24:02
32115Timmy Aquino5035:24:02
33117Jeff Mandrell3235:43:16
34118Marvin Leventer5435:43:45
35120Ray Miraflor4435:46:27
36122Vincent Swendsen5535:52:16
37124Leonard Martin6435:57:26
38126Tony Escobar5435:59:08
Solo Women
151Susan Donnelly5530:46:56
266Sarka Petrickova3231:47:00
367Stephanie Dempsey4131:47:00
496Kumiko Hart5534:17:54
5103Jamie Greenawalt5034:37:38
6119Linda Trinh3535:46:06

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