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Hashawha Hills 50km

February 28, 2009

Travis Warren, who was 2nd at Catoctin 2008, was the winner in 4:22. Joe Clapper made a valiant effort to defend his title and turned in an inspired performance in his "walking around" shoes, finishing 3rd, only one minute off his time from last year. Running on only one good foot, Michele Harmon took the title for the ladies without ever having to work too hard. A lot of other fellow VHTRC folks seemed to enjoy their day on the trails, as did other veteran and novice ultrarunners. We're looking forward to doing this again on the last Saturday in February 2010.

Thanks to all who came out and ran on the Hashawha Hills.

Hashawha Hills Home Page

1Travis Warren34M4:22
2Aaron Alford34M4:26
3Joe Clapper50M4:50
4Greg Zaruba42M4:53
5Kev Hawn50M4:55
6Jamie Hammond38M5:11
7Michele Harmon43F5:24
8Tim Gavin41M5:26
9Bill Susa46M5:26
10James Mooreland56M5:36
11John Guendelsberger57M5:40
12Susan Landry42F5:40
13Stuart Smith44M5:40
14Niqui Johnson43F5:40
15John Nelson59M5:45
16David Snipes41M5:52
17Don Johnston39M6:00
18Seth McElroy40M6:03
19Beth Weisenborn33F6:10
20Alan Lagon39M6:23
21Alisa Springman34F6:23
22Gary Knipling65M6:26
23Jeff Lorow29M6:42
24John Marsh34M6:51
25Lauri Fauerbach Adams38F6:54
26Bob Phillips53M7:06
27Rhonda Stricklett34F7:13
28James Moore64M7:25
29Carole Williamson47F7:34
30Lucia Davidson63F7:46
31Pam Gowen56F7:46
32Tony Crossed38M7:51
33Ron Bowman59M7:30
34Gaye Bugenhagen44F7:30
15.5 MILES
35David Foot43M2:26
36Joe Hall38M2:27
37Karyn Dulaney26F2:28
38Mark Lawrence50M2:31
39Kevin Dolan49M2:35
40Steve Pilarcik47M2:38
41Pat Macnabb55M2:46
42Becky Sandrick28F2:47
43Tim Johnson49M2:50
44Joe Baran44M2:54
45Frank Schaeffer57M2:55
46Nancy Petrosky42F2:57
47Doug Sullivan47M3:00
48Greg Lapore38M3:00
49Laura Falsone46F3:06
50Kim Burhman33F3:14
51Paul Sturm40M3:17
52Darren Calhoun36M3:21
53Marge Burley63F3:30
54Debbie Leathers45F3:35
55Caren Jew44F3:53
56Mark Zimmermann56F3:53
Unknown 25K time or unknown distance
57Tom Green58M 
58Laura DeWald51F 
59Margie Hughes46F 
60Alberto Vasquez39M 
61Chris Sherdel35   
62Bob Gross45M 
63Ben Tesdahl56M 
64Doug Balogh56M 
65Lisa Johnston44F 
66Tim O'Keefe55M 
67Walt Schroder48M 
68Christine Deerin42F 
69Pete McLaughlin46M 
70Brian Deal35M 
71Shawn Graff38F 
72Heather Burgess33F 
73Robert Strohmeyer36M 
74Michael Holland54M 
75Alan Poblets47M 
76Daniel Flack35M 
77Richard Potter62M 
78Christine Reid37F 
79Ginn White33M 
80Harry Good58M 

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