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Potomac Heritage Trail 50km

November 6, 2005


by Kerry Owens, Race Director

The Potomac Heritage Trail

Sunday, November 6, marked the third running of the New Potomac Heritage 50k. It was a beautiful 70 degree day and the leaves were at their peak. In fact the day was so beautiful, that we were surprised by many last minute volunteers. Once again, about 60 runners covered at least some distance on the course.

On course, Don Padfield took an early lead and maintained it for the entire run to set a new course record of 5:01. He was chased by Mike Schuster, who after taking several wrong turns, stuck close to Sophie Speidel for a good portion of the run. Sophie ran strong all day and set a new women's course record. Some of the early finishers who stopped for mimosas at aid station 2 included Laura Dewald, Ed Cappucino, and John Dewalt. Joni Fontana, the third woman in, finished for the third year in a row.

The runner's field was very geographically diverse this year. In addition to the all-important VHTRC regulars, Jim Sullivan joined us again from Florida. We had others join us from Florida, Wisconsin, the Seattle area, Southern California, and three from Texas. Frequent visitors Bill Losey and Bob Combs joined us from Ohio and from Pennsylvania we were joined by Diana Widdowson, Harry Smith, and John DeWalt.

A big thanks goes out to Amy and Steve Platt for handling aid station 1 for the third year in a row. Sierra and Chase Platt served as young aid station workers in training. Aid station 2 was taken over by John Hayward, Mike Bur, and Meggie Scogna. They were joined by Michelle Arnot and surprise volunteer Jeff Reed. This creative combination of volunteers offered a 5 minute time deduction for mimosa consumption.

After four miles along the Potomac Heritage trail, the runners reached the chain bridge aid station captained by Maria Bertacchi. She was assisted by Anne Andrews, Richard Patch, Amy and Steve Platt, Farouk Elkassed, and Sean Andrish. Up the river, Jaret Seiberg handled the Turkey run aid station for the third year in a row. Ann Noss, Bob Phillips, Rayna Matsuno, Keith Dunn, and Betty Miracle assisted.

Other volunteers who should be recognized include John DeWalt and Kirstin Walcott for their peanut butter sandwich preparation, Karen Krieg for her course marshaling, and Scott Scudamore for recording results. Mike and Nancy Schuster and Sean Andrish were also a great cleanup crew.

The course marking was accomplished with the team of John Hayward, his dog Dasher, Steve Burton, and myself. Things started to fall apart when John Hayward left us….Steve and I had a great conversation going, and I had found some snacks (a totally wrapped Mr. Goodbar!) on trail…. After about 10 minutes of crossing a boulder field along the Potomac River, Steve and I realized we hadn't seen a blaze in long time. We retraced our footsteps and tried to eliminate any blue flour dropped, but we may have missed some. A few folks missed the same turn we missed and saw traces of blue flour that caused them to believe they were on course. Ultimately everyone found the finish!

Sorry if I missed anyone, but thanks to all of those who helped out. I hope all of the runners and volunteers will participate again next year!



One lucky guy with lovely ladies at the overlook above Gulf Branch in Arlington


PLNameTime/DistanceComment [see note]
1. Don Padfield 5:01! New course record!
2. Michael Schuster 5:16 Get lost much?
3 Sophie Speidel 5:46! Speedy sleepy snory sophie sets course record

James Howton 5:46
5. Kristian Pfeiffer 5:52 Just passing through!
6. Ernesto Cazarez 6:09 Ernesto returns for another round.
7. Ed Cappucino 6:19** First male with blood alcohol >.05

Laura DeWald 6:19** First female with blood alcohol.>05
9. Mike Bright 6:30
10. John Shepard 6:27** New ultra addict on the scene
11. Quatro Hubbard 6:30** Go Cuatro!

Bill Losey 6:30** Billy edges out Bob through consumption
13. Bob Combs 6:35
14. Joni Fontana 6:41 3 years in a row for Joni!
15. JohnDeWalt 6:45** A walk in the park for John
16. Ed Schultze 6:50 Stopped to perform trail maintenance
17. Paul Sherlock 6:58
18. Henry Hobbs 7:04** +Texan does bonus miles++
19. Barb Isom 7:06

Rich DeCample 7:06 Flew from seattle on Saturday—back on Sunday
21. David Snipes 7:11 Ultra # 5000 this year
22. Adam Matheson 7:12 A successful finish
23. Linda Wack 7:15** Edges out Jessica by consumption
23 Jessica Zippin 7:16 Needs jumper cables!
24. Jim Sullivan 7:18 Back from FLA for another one!

Robi Saraniero 7:18 Big bonus miles for these boys

Dave Quivey 7:18

Charlie Miracle 7:18
28. Clint Currie 7:19 Listening to Jaret was your first mistake
30. Anstr Davidson 7:25:30* Next year gets 20 bonus minutes for photos!
31. Jim French 7:28
32. Kirstin Walcott 7:35** 20 bonus minutes next year for photos
33. Joyce Fendley 7:40 Stays on course!

Russell Cheney 7:40 Ran in sandals
35. Glenn Landis 7:47
36. Harry Smith 7:49 Thanks for the beer Harry!
37. Joe Murgo 8:21 Finishes despite desertion of his friends

Dave Bias 8:21
39. Caroline Williams 9:14 Numerous detours
40. Layne Reibel 10:19 Gets DC to add to 50 states
41. Henry Rueden 10:19
42. Diana Widdowson Completed 28 mile course +1 5:46
43. Peter Bennett 28 mile course 6:32

Yen Nguyen 28 mile course 6:32
45. Marty Lindeman 20 miles 4:01:30* (gets the 20 mile win by consumption)
46. Tom Corris 20 miles 4:04
47. Susan Baehre 20 miles 5:25

Linda Gaudette 20 miles 5:25

David Gaudette 20 miles 5:20**

Beverly Bennett 20 miles 5:20
51. Sharon Lapkoff 20 miles 5:49
52. Guy Neal 20 miles 6:07

Jill Quivey

6:07 (Jill and Mel were having too much fun!)

Mel Saraniero
55. Seth Mosier
Was at the start and the finish—did some running in between
56 Steve Teplitz
Wasn’t at the start or finish, but checked in at all the aid stations
57. Greg Loomis
Seen on course….
58. Laura Petrysaite
Marathon ready!
59. Micaela Shaugnessy
An early injury time-out!
**consumed 1 cup of magic minute deduction potion at aid station 2
* consumed ½ cup

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The trail upstream from Turkey Run

A garter snake on the trail

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