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Redeye 50K Trail Run

January 1, 2009 - Triangle, VA
Charlie's photos on Flickr

27 Miles
Brad Hinton4:03
Keith Knipling4:03
Mike Campbell4:28
Jeff Holdaway4:35
Darin Dunham4:59
David Snipes5:09
Rob Dolan6:03
Bruce Tweedie6:03
Keith Hosman6:03
Kirk Jansen6:42
Caroline Williams6:57
18 Miles
Steve Smith2:47
Paul Loebach2:47
Bob Cooper3:09
Lawrence Wither3:36
Linda Gaudette3:36
Dave Gaudette3:36
Phil Rice3:40
Rob Colenso3:40
Steve De Santis3:52
James Moore4:14
Charlie Miracle4:14
Kate Abbott4:15
Johanna Lockner4:17
Holly Franz4:20
Ed Cacciapaglia (12.5 miles)2:46
Mark Prescott (11 miles)2:42
9 Miles
Dave Yeakel1:34
Tom Corris1:34
Bill Rysanek1:34
Mary Evans1:40
Warren Evans1:40
Bob Hagan1:41
Jerry Glavy1:41
Craig Penrose1:41
Susie Munsi1:47
Donna Peters1:50
Nathan Dunham1:54
Mary Campbell2:45
Joerk Ebert2:45
Gary did these results. Take up any issue with him. When you do, remember this was a Slug/Fat Ass "event" and if you cared about your results, you were in the wrong place.

The Redeye Run took place for the 13th time on Thursday, January 1, but not without a "hitch." About 45 hearty runners showed up at Prince William Park refusing to be scared away by e-mails from Anstr and Gary the day before indicating problems with weather and wind, trail conditions, and warnings by the National Park Service to close the Park completely.

The park was open at daylight New Years Day but only the first parking lot at Pine Grove Picnic Area was available. Plan "B" went into effect with the new start/finish and three shorter 9 mile loops that barely made the Redeye an "ultra" event.

Present was one of the original Team Slug members, James Moore, who helped organize the first Redeye in 1997 along with Dan Grayson and Bill Sublett.

With runners doing different numbers of loops, Quatro being left at the start while he was helping guide cars to the new lot, and late arrivals coming and going there was a cold buzz of activity around the sign-in table. Of note: it's a good thing Kirk Jansen had friends to run with because it was his third loop before he realized the course had been changed from his original map.

The results, not including missed runners, are at right.

Gary Knipling

Wendy and Gary
Volunteer Wendy Marszalek with RD Gary Knipling
This shot is from last year. We are recycling.

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Group at start
Group at the Start
We think that Gary took this shot. Charlie Miracle sent it to us, but he is in the picture.

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