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The Wild Oak Trail 100

February 7, 2009

Links: Results | Charlie Miracle's Pictures | Sophie Speidel's Pictures (her blog entry) | All Time Finishers List

The weather was good, but no one finished. The results are below.

Two loops
Andy Peterson11:40
Mike Dobies16:45
45 miles
Emily Grossman14:00
Mitchell Goodman14:00
32 miles
Vicki Kendall9:55
Barb Isom9:55
One loop
Sean Andrish5:57
Brian Schmidt5:57
Kyle Lawrence6:08
Jonathon Bryant6:08
Blake Walker6:13
John Cassily6:14
Paul Johnson6:25
David Frazier6:25
Tom Corris6:28
Marlin Yoder6:35
Sophie Speidel6:41
Bobby Gill6:41
Marc Griffin6:41
Kerry Owens6:50
David "Bull" Fleming6:52
Jim Daniels6:59
Julie Gliesing7:00
Chris Clark7:06
John Nelson7:17
Whitney March7:37
Bob Combs7:39
Jill Quivey8:10
Debbie Shaffer8:10
Kirstin Corris8:10
Steve Bowles8:23
Paul Melzer8:37
Caroline Williams9:05
Charlie Miracle9:18
Rebecca Byerly10:20
Isabella LaHoya10:20
Bob Lashua10:20
Cason Crane10:20
Pat Costigan10:20
(Pat ran the 2nd loop w/ Mike Dobies)
16 miles
Rick Kerby4:32
Dodzilla "The Killa"4:32
Chris Scott4:56
Sue George4:56
Kate Allen4:56
Misty Tilson4:56
Katie Martin4:56
RunnerYearLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4
Keith KniplingOct 07 5:27:30 11:47:30 19:07:15 27:11:10
Keith KniplingFeb 076:2213:4823:0432:23:20
Dennis HerrFeb 02 5:36 13:36 23:50 34:02
Sue JohnstonOct 056:5415:1225:1434:02:57
Jamey GroffOct 066:4316:0727:3437:10
Mike DobiesOct 056:5316:4034:0255:54:26
Russ EvansOct 057:2117:4834:0255:54:26

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