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Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 26, 2022

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26 on the Wait List as of February 19, 2022 at 17:14

Here are the people who are on the wait list for the Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run to be held on February 26, 2022. The applicants are listed by their ranks on the list.

Paid? Column Key

When there is a vacancy on the entrants list, we will move the top person on this list to the entrants list if that person has paid the entry fee. If the top person has not paid the entry fee, we will delete that top person and go to the next person on the list.

Charges to your Credit Card
When you "pay," you are authorizing a later charge on your credit card. It's like giving us a check that we cash later. If anything changes about your credit card (number, expiration date, etc.) before you move to the entrants list, please contact us.

Original Rank: If an applicant was on the initial wait list on January 23, his or her starting rank is in parentheses. Example: (47)

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs. Also, you may contact us for technical help on entry (sends e-mail).

1 (41)Peter Diak43MGaithersburg, MD0Yes
Feb 13
2 (42)Jill Robinson46FSeverna Park, MD0Yes
Feb 13
3 (43)Daniel Jacobs30MFrederick, MD0Yes
Feb 15
4 (45)Taylor Earley30FFrederick, MD0Yes
Feb 13
5 (46)Kennedy Hall23FArlington, VA0Yes
Feb 13
6 (47)Patrick Blair40MCatonsville, MD0Yes
Feb 19
7 (48)Daniel Callow26MAnnapolis, MD0No
8 (49)Chris Bailey47MKeedysville, MD0Yes
Feb 18
9 (50)Tony Mick43MBoyds, MD0Yes
Feb 13
10 (56)Scott Weinhold51MArlington, VA0Yes
Feb 18
11 (57)Christina Wendel31FBaltimore, MD0Yes
Jan 23
12 (58)Ricky Phillips32MHanover, MD0No
13 (59)Nick Pellegrini33MNottingham, MD0Yes
Feb 18
14 (60)Jason Maruccio45MPittsburgh, PA0No
15 (61)Garry Young59MArlington, VA0Yes
Feb 16
16 (62)Chris Douglas47MBurke, VA0No
17 (63)Matt Burke34MCockeysville, MD0No
18Ali Mohammed44MHyattsville, MD1Yes
Feb 18
19Lars Hasseler38MWoodstock, VA0No
20Tim Piergalski38MWashington, DC0No
21Nathaniel Corn42MCatonsville, MD3Yes
Feb 19
22Jason Davis36MAbingdon, MD0No
23Alan Mulindwa49MColumbia, MD0Yes
Feb 18
24Nathan Werking25MIjamsville, MD0No
25Jake Kruse41MGlen Burnie, MD1No
26Randy Becker49MWoodstock, MD1Yes
Feb 18

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