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Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 27, 2016

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30 on the Wait List as of February 13, 2016 at 19:23

Here are the people who are on the wait list for the Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run to be held on February 27, 2016. The applicants are listed by their ranks on the list.

Paid? Column Key

When there is a vacancy on the entrants list, we will move the top person on this list to the entrants list if that person has paid the entry fee. If the top person has not paid the entry fee, we will delete that top person and go to the next person on the list.

Withdraw: To withdraw from the wait list, go to the withdrawal page.

You may Pay Now
You may pay the entry fee now if you are among the top 20 people on the wait list. If you see a button on the line with your name, you can use it to pay.

Changes to your Credit Card
When you "pay," you are authorizing a later charge on your credit card. It's like giving us a check that we cash later. If anything changes about your credit card (number, expiration date, etc.) before you move to the entrants list, please contact us.

First Move off this List
The first person to move off of this list will not occur before January 26. That means that the top people need to pay by that date.

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs. Also, you may contact us for technical help on entry (sends e-mail).

1Joseph McCann39MSykesville, MD0Yes
Jan 25
2Scott Mason36MRiva, MD0Yes
Jan 25
3PJ Vaughan38MArlington, VA0Yes
Jan 26
4Mary Jane Baniak43FKeyser, WV0Yes
Jan 26
5Jason Griffith45MKeyser, WV0Yes
Jan 26
6Matt Avery41MHerndon, VA0Yes
Jan 26
7Jackie Ong55FReston, VA0Yes
Jan 26
8Jaret Seiberg46MBethesda, MD1Yes
Jan 26
9Michelle Mitchell58FTaneytown, MD0Yes
Jan 26
10Dennis Salter42MFrederick, MD0Yes
Jan 27
11Daryl Hultquist46MPotomac, MD0Yes
Feb 4
12Julie Bousquet42FBristow, VA0Yes
Jan 27
13Justin Hersh40MGaithersburg, MD0Yes
Jan 27
14Matthew Floyd39MWestminster, MD1No
15Daisy Weill27FWashington, DC0No
16Matt Craig43MBaltimore, MD1No
17Brett Martin35MArlington , VA0Yes
Feb 1
18Alan Wiederhold46MMiddle River, MD0Yes
Feb 2
19Tom DeKornfeld62MAnnapolis, MD0No
20Robert Kolb48MLorton, VA1No
21Laura Drake26FArlington, VA1No
22Paul Chenery59MToronto, Canada0No
23Prianka Nandy35FWashington, DC0No
24Bert Salter40MNew Market, MD0No
25August Thurn57MHavre De Grace, MD0No
26Stacey Keener43FYoe, PA1No
27Kevin Dempsey39MNewark , DE0No
28Lara Shegoski23FBaltimore, MD0No
29Alberto Vasquez46MLutherville Timonium, MD1No
30Bruce Tweedie54MLake Ridge, VA1No

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