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Crossing the Stream at the Potomac Overlook Trail Runs

Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
4k - 8k - 12k

Saturday, March 26, 2005


by Ed Demoney, RD

142 runners braved Potomac Overlook Regional Park trails today to run one, two or three 4K loops. Cool weather and overcast skies were good for running with everyone grateful the rain stayed away so they could come play in the woods in Arlington, Virginia.

Bryon Powell, Arlington,12K winner in 2004, decided one loop was enough this year and finished in 16:09 with a wide margin over Andrew Beck, Fairfax, age 10, in 18:56. Only one other runner, Neil Whiteman, Arlington, also broke 20 minutes. First 4K woman was Susan Edmonds of Baltimore who finished in 22:01 with Arlington's Emily Blagg, age 10, not far behind at 22:27.

First place in the 8K was Washington's Simon Issacs with a time of 31:29. In second place was Arlington's Garth Terry in 36:31. The woman's 8K winner was Nora Kaoves from Washington in a time of 50:07. Amy Gay of Arlington finished second in 51:05.

Crossing the stream in Potomac Overlook ParkBoth 12K winners were close to record breaking times but finished seconds short. Tommy Nohilly, visiting relatives within walking distance of Potomac Overlook, found out about the race about an hour before the start and finished first in 47:32. Nohilly hails from Kotonah, NY. Second was Michael Vega of Ashburn in 52:31. Laura Dewald, Baltimore, ran a strong 12K, finishing in 1:04:15, well ahead of Yvette Davis, Annapolis, in 1:07:20.

As usual, there were Mad Bomber Hats, spring flowers and assorted cakes for age group winners. Brent Reynolds, the one and only Mad Bomber appeared in person this year but was unable to run due to a recent skiing injury. Pansies were the only available choice of flowers with spring being a little late this year.

In addition to the Mad Bomber Hats and flowers, certificates for a pair of Inov-8 running shoes were awarded to the 12K race winners thanks to Chris Scott and VHTRC. Inov-8, England's fastest growing specialist off-road running brand is a new name to most runners, launching its US operation last year.

Laura DeWald at the Potomac Overlook Trail RunsIn addition to the numerous awards, runners were treated to an assortment of cookies, crackers and other refreshments after their run through Potomac Overlook.

They needed a treat considering the challenging trail, two stream crossings to be negotiated on rocks on each loop, and a treacherous descent about a mile into each 4K where a misstep could send a runner hurtling over a cliff to rocks and the Donaldson Run stream far below. Everyone survived, of course, as they have since the trail runs originated in 1991.

Volunteers from VHTRC and Food for Others provided great support for the event. Course markings by Anstr Davidson, timing and results support by Valerie Meyer and Jim Pottmyer and logistical efforts of Joe Clapper were especially noteworthy, not to mention the harried parking/registration/t-shirt efforts of Richard Guadagno, Anne Suter Zimmer, Roxanne Rice, Liz Reinert, and Rosalie Demoney.


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4 KM (64 finishers)
1Bryon Powell26MArlingtonVA16:09
2Andrew Beck10MFairfaxVA18:56
3Neil Whiteman42MArlingtonVA19:18
4Art Wiland56MMonroevillePA20:36
5Phil Ennis43MHerndonVA20:50
6Clint Beck36MFairfaxVA21:11
7Sami Satouri43MChantillyVA21:56
8Susan Edmonds20FBaltimoreMD22:01
9Peter Jim28MSilver SpringMD22:11
10Emily Blagg10FArlingtonVA22:27
11C.J. Blagg38MArlingtonVA22:28
12Brant Horio27MCentrvilleVA22:35
13Robert Weiner57MAccokeekMD22:42
14Karen Siegmund15FArlingtonVA23:25
15Tina Snee41FFalls ChurchVA23:51
16Josh Morin22MAnnadaleVA24:37
16Melody Westmeyer28FFairfieldVA24:37
18Alan Zwart34MWashingtonDC25:00
19Thomas Powers37MBethesdaMD25:06
20Thor Klinker15MPrimgharIA25:07
21Sarah Holl16FArlingtonVA25:55
22Amy Glisson25MWhite PlainsMD26:30
23Sarah Kuehl30FArlingtonVA26:34
24James Good19MAndrews AFBMD26:40
25John Egge31MArlingtonVA27:03
26Brendan Lewis31MArlingtonVA27:12
27Paul Binkley32MArlingtonVA27:29
27Christine Forest26FArlingtonVA27:29
29Salim Sawaya27MFalls ChurchVA27:34
30Brittany Christensen20FArlingtonVA27:36
31Jonathan Blackwell23MGaithersburgMD27:38
32Debra Bingham38FWashingtonDC27:39
33Slyvia Cahill44FAlexandriaVA27:55
34Darryl Diamond28MArlingtonVA28:16
35Mark Cancian53MArlingtonVA28:32
36Lambert Shundi33MFalls ChurchVA28:53
37Timothy DeSantis36MAlexandriaVA29:08
38Kim Nohilly36FKatonahNY29:26
39Knute Klinker13MPrimgharIA29:48
40Dianne Klinker42FPrimgharIA29:49
41Tod Reinert45MAnnandaleVA30:01
42Brandy Craven19FWashingtonDC30:07
43Elaine Hursen24FArlingtonVA30:14
44Rosa Mariduena37FWashingtonDC30:38
45Samantha Lewandowski27FFairfaxVA30:39
46Mikelle Kuehn34FFairfaxVA30:43
47Bill Klinker46MPrimgharIA31:02
48Gunnar Klinker8MPrimgharIA31:03
49Donna Ogden45FArlingtonVA31:12
50Anne Andrews34FAlexandriaVA31:14
50Casandra May34FWebsterNY31:14
52Rachel Froehlich25FAlexandriaVA31:28
53Cliff Koch48MOakHillVA32:16
54Amanda Smithers29FAlexandriaVA32:52
54Alexa Schmidt32FAlexandriaVA32:52
56Jorja Noel32FAlexandriaVA32:55
57Bill Kernig37MArlingtonVA34:37
58Terry Carskaddan64FMonroevillePA34:39
59Stephen King41MArlingtonVA36:28
60Sean Bowen39MArlingtonVA36:31
61Betty Miracle51FMcLeanVA37:32
62Corie Christensen18FLakewoodCO38:15
63Bunny Runyan64FPotomoc FallsVA50:45
64Rebecca Moore59FBowieMD50:59
8 KM (37 finishers)
1Simon Isaacs24MWashingtonDC31:29
2Garth Terry25MArlingtonVA36:31
3Jim Gay26MArlingtonVA41:18
4John Nusbaum39MAmissvilleVA42:23
4Dave Herring34MBristowVA42:23
6Jim Darr50MFalls ChurchVA43:31
7Alan Cahill47MST LouisMO46:07
8Roland Schrebler39MSilver SpringMD46:57
9Michael Kortan48MRestonVA48:33
10Nora Kaoves35FWashingtonDC50:07
11Amy Gay26FArlingtonVA51:05
12Jim Avila57MArlingtonVA52:17
13Chris Coble29MAlexandriaVA52:25
13Steve Clark37MFredericksburgVA52:25
15Kerri Mikeska28FCentrevilleVA52:32
16Julie Scrafford24FArlingtonVA52:41
17Carolyn Scrafford27FArlingtonVA52:43
18Korey Berg34MMcLeanVA52:46
19David Sawaya25MArlingtonVA53:15
20Deanna Troust38FWashingtonDC53:58
21Carolyn Schoelles37FArlingtonVA54:00
22Bill Rogers45MSpringfieldVA54:04
23Robyn Scrofford24FArlingtonVA54:07
24David Watson27MArlingtonVA54:08
25Jeff Moore27MArlingtonVA54:50
26Michelle Flanagan30FArlingtonVA55:07
27Parvaneh Daneshmand23FArlingtonVA55:40
28Brian Skram17MOakHillVA56:41
29Becky Tufts31FWoodbridgeVA57:37
30JoAnne Studer47FArlingtonVA58:27
31Ted Nanz61MFairfax StationVA58:45
32Sheila Shah28FFairfaxVA59:54
33Kanan Shah36FFairfaxVA59:58
34Esther Rege31FWashingtonDC1:01:56
35Christin Jolieveur33MArlingtonVA1:03:10
36Jennifer Duane41FArlingtonVA1:03:39
37Caroline Estrada32FArlingtonVA1:08:38
12 KM (41 finishers)
1Tommy Nohilly38MKatonahNY47:32
2Michael Vega26MAshburnVA52:31
3Tim King23MMcLeanVA58:00
4Dan Jones40MGreensboroNC59:24
5Dan Carroll41MArlingtonVA1:02:18
6David Lehosit47MHamptonVA1:02:38
7Laura Dewald47FBaltimoreMD1:04:15
8Brian Gallagher39MArlingtonVA1:04:52
9Joe Clapper46MViennaVA1:05:22
10Tom Corris51MWoodbridgeVA1:06:47
11John Guendelsberger54MArlingtonVA1:06:52
12Yvette Davis37FAnnapolisMD1:07:20
13Chris Hesse30MArlingtonVA1:10:33
13Matthew Gulburs33MArlingtonVA1:10:33
15Jeff Klemm54MMcLeanVA1:11:58
16Tyson Brown37MAlexandriaVA1:13:26
17Mike Buchkoski33MArlingtonVA1:13:27
18Marty Lindemann44FWoodbridgeVA1:13:28
19Sonia Slebioda-Pastou47FWashingtonDC1:13:47
20Tony Studer49MArlingtonVA1:14:06
21Barry Nobles38MAlexandriaVA1:17:28
22Jim Cavanaugh63MArlingtonVA1:17:54
23Jane Godfrey56FTakoma ParkMD1:18:22
24Charlie Miracle51MMcLeanVA1:19:47
25Scott Mabry43MArlingtonVA1:20:59
26Vicki Kendall52FArlingtonVA1:21:38
27Sean Flanagan31MArlingtonVA1:22:32
28Andrea Leifer34FWashingtonDC1:23:22
29Robert Phillips49MWoodbridgeVA1:23:44
30Jen Jacobs28FWashingtonDC1:23:46
31Sarath Guttikunda28MArlingtonVA1:24:26
32Rita Cronley51FArlingtonVA1:26:11
33Ann Holmberg44FAlexandriaVA1:28:26
34David Terry38MArlingtonVA1:28:33
35Sylvia Mars50FBethesdaMD1:32:13
36Liz Rodriguez44FArlingtonVA1:32:29
37Vicki Williams49FHerndonVA1:36:10
38Margaret Jorgensen48FFairfaxVA1:36:11
38Wynne Tysdal52FFairfaxVA1:36:11
40James Moore60MBowieMD1:53:43
40Lisa Moore36FBowieMD1:53:43

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Crossing the Stream

Age Group Results

4 KM -Women <20
1Emily Blagg10ArlingtonVA22:27
2Karen Siegmund15ArlingtonVA23:25
3Sarah Holl16ArlingtonVA25:55
4Brandy Craven19WashingtonDC30:07
5Corie Christensen18LakewoodCO38:15
4 KM -Women 20-29
1Susan Edmonds20BaltimoreMD22:01
2Melody Westmeyer28FairfieldVA24:37
3Amy Glisson25White PlainsMD26:30
4Christine Forest26ArlingtonVA27:29
5Brittany Christensen20ArlingtonVA27:36
6Elaine Hursen24ArlingtonVA30:14
7Samantha Lewandowski27FairfaxVA30:39
8Rachel Froehlich25AlexandriaVA31:28
9Amanda Smithers29AlexandriaVA32:52
4 KM -Women30-39
1Sarah Kuehl30ArlingtonVA26:34
2Debra Bingham38WashingtonDC27:39
3Kim Nohilly36KatonahNY29:26
4Rosa Mariduena37WashingtonDC30:38
5Mikelle Kuehn34FairfaxVA30:43
6Anne Andrews34AlexandriaVA31:14
6Casandra May34WebsterNY31:14
8Alexa Schmidt32AlexandriaVA32:52
9Jorja Noel32AlexandriaVA32:55
4 KM -Women 40-49
1Tina Snee41Falls ChurchVA23:51
2Slyvia Cahill44AlexandriaVA27:55
3Dianne Klinker42PrimgharIA29:49
4Donna Ogden45ArlingtonVA31:12
4 KM -Women 50-59
1Betty Miracle51McLeanVA37:32
2Rebecca Moore59BowieMD50:59
4 KM -Women 60+
1Terry Carskaddan64MonroevillePA34:39
2Bunny Runyan64Potomoc FallsVA50:45
4 KM -Men <20
1Andrew Beck10FairfaxVA18:56
2Thor Klinker15PrimgharIA25:07
3James Good19Andrews AFBMD26:40
4Knute Klinker13PrimgharIA29:48
5Gunnar Klinker8PrimgharIA31:03
4 KM -Men 20-29
1Bryon Powell26ArlingtonVA16:09
2Peter Jim28Silver SpringMD22:11
3Brant Horio27CentrvilleVA22:35
4Josh Morin22AnnadaleVA24:37
5Salim Sawaya27Falls ChurchVA27:34
6Jonathan Blackwell23GaithersburgMD27:38
7Darryl Diamond28ArlingtonVA28:16
4 KM -Men 30-39
1Clint Beck36FairfaxVA21:11
2C.J. Blagg38ArlingtonVA22:28
3Alan Zwart34WashingtonDC25:00
4Thomas Powers37BethesdaMD25:06
5John Egge31ArlingtonVA27:03
6Brendan Lewis31ArlingtonVA27:12
7Paul Binkley32ArlingtonVA27:29
8Lambert Shundi33Falls ChurchVA28:53
9Timothy DeSantis36AlexandriaVA29:08
10Bill Kernig37ArlingtonVA34:37
11Sean Bowen39ArlingtonVA36:31
4 KM -Men 40-49
1Neil Whiteman42ArlingtonVA19:18
2Phil Ennis43HerndonVA20:50
3Sami Satouri43ChantillyVA21:56
4Tod Reinert45AnnandaleVA30:01
5Bill Klinker46PrimgharIA31:02
6Cliff Koch48OakHillVA32:16
7Stephen King41ArlingtonVA36:28
4 KM -Men 50-59
1Art Wiland56MonroevillePA20:36
2Robert Weiner57AccokeekMD22:42
3Mark Cancian53ArlingtonVA28:32
8 KM -Women 20-29
1Amy Gay26ArlingtonVA51:05
2Kerri Mikeska28CentrevilleVA52:32
3Julie Scrafford24ArlingtonVA52:41
4Carolyn Scrafford27ArlingtonVA52:43
5Robyn Scrofford24ArlingtonVA54:07
6Parvaneh Daneshmand23ArlingtonVA55:40
7Sheila Shah28FairfaxVA59:54
8 KM -Women 30-39
1Nora Kaoves35WashingtonDC50:07
2Deanna Troust38WashingtonDC53:58
3Carolyn Schoelles37ArlingtonVA54:00
4Michelle Flanagan30ArlingtonVA55:07
5Becky Tufts31WoodbridgeVA57:37
6Kanan Shah36FairfaxVA59:58
7Esther Rege31WashingtonDC1:01:56
8Caroline Estrada32ArlingtonVA1:08:38
8 KM -Women 40-49
1JoAnne Studer47ArlingtonVA58:27
2Jennifer Duane41ArlingtonVA1:03:39
8 KM -Men <20
1Brian Skram17OakHillVA56:41
8 KM -Men 20-29
1Simon Isaacs24WashingtonDC31:29
2Garth Terry25ArlingtonVA36:31
3Jim Gay26ArlingtonVA41:18
4Chris Coble29AlexandriaVA52:25
5David Sawaya25ArlingtonVA53:15
6David Watson27ArlingtonVA54:08
7Jeff Moore27ArlingtonVA54:50
8 KM -Men 30-39
1John Nusbaum39AmissvilleVA42:23
1Dave Herring34BristowVA42:23
3Roland Schrebler39Silver SpringMD46:57
4Steve Clark37FredericksburgVA52:25
5Korey Berg34McLeanVA52:46
6Christin Jolieveur33ArlingtonVA1:03:10
8 KM -Men 40-49
1Alan Cahill47ST LouisMO46:07
2Michael Kortan48RestonVA48:33
3Bill Rogers45SpringfieldVA54:04
8 KM -Men 50-59
1Jim Darr50Falls ChurchVA43:31
2Jim Avila57ArlingtonVA52:17
8 KM -Men 60+
1Ted Nanz61Fairfax StationVA58:45
12 KM -Women 20-29
1Jen Jacobs28WashingtonDC1:23:46
12 KM -Women 30-39
1Yvette Davis37AnnapolisMD1:07:20
2Andrea Leifer34WashingtonDC1:23:22
3Lisa Moore36BowieMD1:53:43
12 KM -Women 40-49
1Laura Dewald47BaltimoreMD1:04:15
2Marty Lindemann44WoodbridgeVA1:13:28
3Sonia Slebioda-Pastou47WashingtonDC1:13:47
4Ann Holmberg44AlexandriaVA1:28:26
5Liz Rodriguez44ArlingtonVA1:32:29
6Vicki Williams49HerndonVA1:36:10
7Margaret Jorgensen48FairfaxVA1:36:11
12 KM -Women 50-59
1Jane Godfrey56Takoma ParkMD1:18:22
2Vicki Kendall52ArlingtonVA1:21:38
3Rita Cronley51ArlingtonVA1:26:11
4Sylvia Mars50BethesdaMD1:32:13
5Wynne Tysdal52FairfaxVA1:36:11
12 KM -Men 20-29
1Michael Vega26AshburnVA52:31
2Tim King23McLeanVA58:00
3Sarath Guttikunda28ArlingtonVA1:24:26
12 KM -Men 30-39
1Tommy Nohilly38KatonahNY47:32
2Brian Gallagher39ArlingtonVA1:04:52
3Chris Hesse30ArlingtonVA1:10:33
3Matthew Gulburs33ArlingtonVA1:10:33
5Tyson Brown37AlexandriaVA1:13:26
6Mike Buchkoski33ArlingtonVA1:13:27
7Barry Nobles38AlexandriaVA1:17:28
8Sean Flanagan31ArlingtonVA1:22:32
9David Terry38ArlingtonVA1:28:33
12 KM -Men 40-49
1Dan Jones40GreensboroNC59:24
2Dan Carroll41ArlingtonVA1:02:18
3David Lehosit47HamptonVA1:02:38
4Joe Clapper46ViennaVA1:05:22
5Tony Studer49ArlingtonVA1:14:06
6Scott Mabry43ArlingtonVA1:20:59
7Robert Phillips49WoodbridgeVA1:23:44
12 KM -Men 50-59
1Tom Corris51WoodbridgeVA1:06:47
2John Guendelsberger54ArlingtonVA1:06:52
3Jeff Klemm54McLeanVA1:11:58
4Charlie Miracle51McLeanVA1:19:47
12 KM -Men 60+
1Jim Cavanaugh63ArlingtonVA1:17:54
2James Moore60BowieMD1:53:43

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Ed Demoney is the director of this event.

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Potomac Overlook Regional Park

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