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One Month Down: Taking stock in the Sinai

By Greg Loomis

Well 30 days has now passed since I arrived in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt to serve out my one year tour as the Multinational Force and Observers physical therapist. On a day-to-day basis things seem to be taking forever and the thought of being away from my wife, the U.S., trail running, and all things green is overwhelming. But, here I am 30 days into my deployment already. Like any good scientist, I enjoy stepping back from the experiment occasionally to analyze what exactly is going on. So with out further delay let’s take a look.

The accomplishments:

Cultural shocks:

The Continued AGENDA:
I promised myself, and my wife, I would get my body back after a few years of poor diet, decreased activity, and aging influenced metabolic slowing:

Thirty days down! Many yet to come!

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