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These are essays by VHTRC members. If you want to contribute one, e-mail Anstr at: anstr@att.net. I reserve the right to edit contributions but will show you all edits before I post your material. Note

These are intended to be thoughtful, helpful, sometimes humorous comments on the VHTRC trail running scene. They are more permanent and polished than a post on a listserv, but still have the immediacy of the Web. The opinions expressed in these essays are those of the authors, not of the VHTRC, its officers, employees, stockholders, advertisers, lawyers, janitorial crew, underwriters, undertakers, or its parole officer.

Items are listed in the inverse order in which they were published on this site. They are not in the order of the events they describe.

Guidelines on Submitting Material: Please send your material by e-mail (anstr@att.net). I would prefer a text file. Don't do any fancy formatting as that will be lost when the file is put into html. I can read Word documents if you insist on supporting that monopolist Bill Gates who caused this big recession that we are in. (Or did George Bush cause the recession? I seem to remember low unemployment and a big surplus when Bill Clinton was president.)

The whole point of the Internet is that things are connected. That means there is no need for one thing to be two places. If your piece is somewhere else on the web, it shouldn't go here. I can link to it, however.

Your submissions should be written in English. For the most part, I have received very well written essays. They put to shame the writers that I edited at my former work. Those writers were paid to write, but they did not do so very well.

Since your name will be on your essay, I only rarely edit your work and will tell you if I have done so. The following, however are like fingernails on the chalkboard to me, and I will change them:

Virginia Happy Trails Running Club
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