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Frosty Fifty
January 5, 2008

By Quatro Hubbard


Ran the Frosty Fifty today in North Carolina - there were a few other VHTRC runners there that I was aware of. Top VHTRC finisher was Laura MacLean from the North Carolina branch of the VHTRC (4th woman, finished in just a hair over 4:30) - other VHTRC-NC finishers were Joey Anderson (in just under 5 hours) and Amy Leigh (Flame) Brown. Jay and Anita Finkle had nice runs, as did Kevin O'Connor, who continues his return from foot issues.

Frosty Fifty is a nice little event - not a trail run (about 25 miles on dirt double track and 6 miles on paved bike path), and fairly flat (as evidenced by my breaking 5 hours). The race is in Winston-Salem, which is a three hour drive from Richmond. Course follows a popular exercise path around Salem Lake - there were dozens of other runners, hikers, bikers, dog walkers, etc out in addition to the 180 race entrants. The race consists of running around the lake on the path, turning around a cone, then running back to the start - and that is just the first 25K; you then get to do the same out and back a second time - this leads to a higher than normal DNF rate (similar to the folks who drop at HAT after the first loop).

The Twin Cities Track Club has posted mile markers on the path, to make it even more reminiscent of JFK and the tow path - this would be a great JFK training run, if its early January date didn't detract from being able to fully utilize the training effect, since JFK rolls around about 10 months later. Two aid stations on the course - one at the other end of the lake, about 3.5 miles from the start; and the second is about 3 miles around the other side of the lake, at the base of the only real hill (which is maybe 50 yards in length) and at the start of the bike path. Aid stations have all the basics, and one big plus from my perspective - this race always has boxes of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at the aid stations! So I did the 50K fueled by water, Succeed, and about 6 glazed . . .

Typical winter running weather in North Carolina - freezing early and then pleasant later - great for post-run rehydrating while catching up with everyone.

The website for the host club, the Twin Cities Track Club, has a cool feature - they hyperlink the runners, and show not only all of their results in that particular event, but other events as well (not sure how they decide which ones to include, since a check of some friends showed Myrtle Beach and Chicago marathon results). And then those results hyperlink to that year's complete results for the event.

Guess this one may be a bit far from DC area for inclusion on the VHTRC calendar - but would probably evoke some Chicago ultra flashbacks for Keith, and would be interesting to see how much lower Aaron could take the course record below the current 3:17 . . . felt like it was great prep for Holiday Lake . . .

Gotta run,


Virginia Happy Trails Running Club
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