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Uwharrie 40 Miler
February 7, 2009

By Quatro Hubbard

It was as warm down at the Uwharrie 40 Miler (and 20 & 8 Milers) this past Saturday [February 7] as it was for the folks at TWOT and the ICY 8 Hour runs this last weekend. Since Uwharrie closed out in eight minutes once entries went live this fall, there was a much smaller VHTRC contingent in the fields this year. But it was a good time on a great trail, a trail that this year was particularly dry.

Jaret Seiberg
Jaret Seiberg
All Photos: Laura MacLean

The race directors have decided to pass the baton on to others, after doing a fantastic job the past seven years bringing this race along from its beginnings under a different RD during it initial decade. It was only fair that Sally, Kim, and Robin got a spring-like day for their swan song as RDs, so that the occasion would be that much more fun for them and the rest of their volunteers.

Of the VHTRC members down there this year (of whom I was aware, anyway), Jaret Seiberg was the first finisher, in 8:38 (he thinks that was 24th overall) - to the right a pic of him on the return leg. (You can click all pictures to see a larger version in Flickr.)

Jen Jacobs
Jen Jacobs

Jen Jacobs had a huge day out there - she took nearly 40 minutes off of her PR on the course, finishing in just over 9:30, and within about 2 minutes of the 3rd place woman. She was THIS close to getting one of the ceramic plates presented to a top three finisher.

Erin Lears of Richmond claimed to not be having her best day on the trail, but still got the 40 miler done none the less.

Erin Lears
Erin Lears

One of the North Carolina contingent of VHTRC members, Laura MacLean, tweaked her knee running back-to-back 50ks a month ago (Carrboro 50 and then the Frosty 50). Laura won the Uwharrie 40 miler 2-3 years ago, but decided to take it easy on the knee this year and all but walked the 20 miler while pacing a friend. She used her time on the trail to take pictures of just about everyone she encountered, since the 40 milers come back to the later-starting 20 milers on this out-and-back course . . think she claimed to be "out of film" when I ran into her, however . . . here are the rest of her pictures [link to Flickr].

They have top three results posted - with plans to have complete results up on Tuesday. Event Web site

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