Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Winner Karl Meltzer with RD Stan Duobinis
Karl Meltzer, right, with MMT. RD Stan Duobinis after Karl's finish.

Leader Board

Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
PlaceNameAid StationTime of dayStatus
Leader Board
1Karl MeltzerFinish23:2918:29:57
2Glen RedpathFinish1:4220:42:44
3Mike MasonFinish1:4320:43:04
4Keith KniplingFinish3:3222:32:48
5Adam CassedayFinish3:3922:39:28
6Chris ReedFinish3:4222:42:37
7Todd WalkerFinish3:5122:51:11
8Joe KulakFinish3:5722:57:02
9Neal GormanFinish4:3523:35:59
10Amy SprostonFinish5:5924:59:55
11Garry HarringtonFinish6:0825:08:25
12Nathan EcholsFinish6:5725:57:36
13Joe ClapperFinish7:2226:22:18
14John CassillyFinish7:2326:23:50
15Stephen WellsFinish7:2926:29:17
16David DiritoFinish7:3526:35:34
17Ken NiemimaaFinish7:3826:38:01
18Dana RoyerFinish7:4126:41:11
19Sheryl WheelerFinish7:4726:47:16
20Rande BrownFinish7:4726:47:47
21Robin MeagherFinish7:5126:51:15
22Donna UtakisFinish8:2527:25:00
23Jarett TigheFinish8:2927:29:58
24David GarmanFinish8:3227:32:47
25Marlin YoderFinish8:3427:34:27
26Ryan HenryFinish8:3827:38:08
27Jack KuriskyFinish8:3827:38:13
28Jeffrey WilburFinish8:4027:40:44
29Lloyd ThomasFinish8:4127:41:38
30Brian O'ConnorFinish8:4327:43:36
31Vicki KendallFinish9:0028:00:24
32John LogarFinish9:0128:01:39
33William McGovernFinish9:0928:09:40
34Mike FrankFinish9:4828:48:59
35Dave KrauseFinish9:5028:50:15
36Dan SpurlockFinish9:5828:58:00
37Mike BroderickFinish10:1129:11:25
38Denis CookFinish10:4129:41:53
39Dan BrendenFinish10:4229:42:30
40Chris TrimmerFinish10:4329:43:25
41Gabe RainwaterFinish11:1530:15:12
42Jay DobrowalskiFinish11:1930:19:11
43Susan DonnellyFinish11:2230:22:13
44Jeff LaMoraFinish11:3730:37:56
45Kathleen CusickFinish11:3930:39:06
46Josh GibbinsFinish12:1131:11:49
47Mitchell GoodmanFinish12:1431:14:45
48David SnipesFinish12:2031:20:08
49Jim DanielsFinish12:2431:24:00
50Jim MorrisonFinish12:3131:31:54
51Josh DennisFinish12:3931:39:45
52Dan RosenbergFinish12:3931:39:52
53Roy HegerFinish12:5031:50:30
54Eric HarrisFinish12:5631:56:45
55John StraubFinish12:5931:59:17
56Greg TrappFinish12:5931:59:59
57Alan GowenFinish13:0532:05:34
58Kari BrownFinish13:0532:05:42
59Jay FinkleFinish13:1232:12:24
60Jen JacobsFinish13:2032:20:54
61Zane SmithFinish13:2232:22:45
62Rob AppleFinish13:3132:31:45
63Michael MonyakFinish13:4132:41:39
64Abigail MeadowsFinish13:4332:43:22
65Dave Yeakel JrFinish13:5132:51:34
66Jeff RadanFinish13:5732:57:04
67Zsuzsanna CarlsonFinish13:5932:59:59
68Allan HoltzFinish14:1233:12:37
69Michel RitzFinish14:1333:13:36
70James StoutFinish14:1333:13:57
71Clyde AkerFinish14:3133:31:49
72Tim GavinFinish14:3233:32:20
73Devon KiernanFinish14:3233:32:45
74John LacroixFinish14:3533:35:37
75James LeClareFinish14:3833:38:10
76Max BlissFinish14:4133:41:11
77Ernesto CasarezFinish14:5133:51:31
78Quatro HubbardFinish14:5133:51:31
79Jonathan SavageFinish14:5133:51:31
80Gary KniplingFinish14:5133:51:31
81Gary MaierFinish14:5133:51:31
82John H PowellFinish14:5133:51:31
83Paul SherlockFinish14:5133:51:31
84Dmitry RozinskyFinish14:5133:51:31
85Paul CrickardFinish14:5133:51:31
86Bill LoseyFinish14:5133:51:31
87Thomas MaysFinish15:1234:12:27
88Mike DobiesFinish15:2234:22:44
89Bob CombsFinish15:3234:32:44
90Jim LampmanFinish15:4934:49:15
91Vincent SwendsenFinish15:4934:49:15
92Josh ClineFinish15:5334:53:18
93David WeigertFinish15:5834:58:21
94Ray BovairdFinish16:0235:02:17
95Garret CawthonFinish16:0235:02:17
96Leonard MartinFinish16:0235:02:17
97Mark CalcateraFinish16:0735:07:50
98Ernest StolenFinish16:2135:21:28
99Darin DunhamFinish16:4035:40:42
100Scott HodukavichFinish16:4535:45:29
101Carl CampFinish16:5635:56:40
102Bob Anderson1613:52dnf
103Mario Raymond156:47dnf
104Michael Goodman145:00dnf
105Laurel Valley145:39dnf
106Paul Lefelhocz147:05dnf
107Pedro Dela Viesca1322:24dnf
108Evan Lebois132:59dnf
109Debra Pero133:57dnf
110Martin Lowenfish134:23dnf
111Andrei Aroneanu134:30dnf
112Greg Loomis1220:10dnf
113Jessi Kennedy1221:55dnf
114C.J. Blagg1222:43dnf
115Bernard Pesjak121:29dnf
116Stephen Wirick122:57dnf
117Rob Hills123:15dnf
118Rita Barnes123:31dnf
119Matt Davies1119:02dnf
120Kent Gallup1120:06dnf
121Joanne Fenninger1121:15dnf
122RuthAnn Helfrick1121:39dnf
123Jeffrey Edwards1121:42dnf
124Guy Silvestri1122:31dnf
125Frank Probst1122:45dnf
126Jimm Ouellette1123:11dnf
127Charles Leonard110:51dnf
128Quin Sprague111:01dnf
129Hamilton Tyler111:09dnf
130Justus Stull111:09dnf
131Josh Robert112:24dnf
132Shihab Shamma112:24dnf
133Scott Martin112:25dnf
134Caroline Williams112:25dnf
135Brian Musick112:42dnf
136Gregg Geerdes1018:30dnf
137Yuki Negoro1021:10dnf
138Randy Dietz1022:07dnf
139Donald Halke II1022:22dnf
140Pete McLaughlin1022:29dnf
141Martin Fritzhand1022:30dnf
142Chris Stotler1022:31dnf
143Jason DeChicchis1022:38dnf
144Bill Wandel1022:58dnf
145Mike Bailey919:41dnf
146Elizabeth Carrion816:14dnf
147Kerry Owens816:46dnf
148Devin Carr816:58dnf
149Kev Hawn817:07dnf
150David Peterman817:07dnf
151John Shepard818:07dnf
152James Hinton818:34dnf
153Andrew Anderson818:44dnf
154Ed Cacciapaglia818:58dnf
155Chihping Fu819:05dnf
156Paul Melzer819:45dnf
157Rik Robert819:45dnf
158Brian Beduhn819:51dnf
159Mary Vish819:51dnf
160Rick Gray715:12dnf
161Bedford Boyce716:02dnf
162Bob Dunfey716:52dnf
163Karsten Brown612:08dnf
164Jeremy Shearer612:47dnf
165David Brault614:16dnf
166Nick Pedatella509:53dnf
167Rick Burnett511:13dnf
168Bob Coyne511:24dnf
169Jennifer-Anne Meneray511:26dnf
170Bob Phillips511:27dnf
171Terry Brown511:28dnf
172David Hughes511:34dnf
173Jack Evans409:44dnf

MMT 2009 Live

Start: 5:00 AM, May 16, 2009

The event is over! For results, reports, and photos from the 2009 MMT, go to the MMT 2009 Report Page.

Welcome to the home of updates for the 2009 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler. Our hope is to have timely information for those who are following a friend or relative in the event or others who are just interested in one of the premier 100 milers on the East Coast. Our Internet access consists of a tin can and a string. It is slow and we have to take a walk to get to the access from where we are working. So please pardon the delay!


Update [Sunday evening in the Super 8] Here we are in the old, official hotel of the VHTRC. What an epic weekend it was! We now have all the splits and times. Is it perfect? No, it isn't. There are certainly errors. (Let's be honest. You fold your number, pin it to your fanny, and then expect us to see it? And you are upset we missed you at an aid station?) But we think it gives an idea of the event on the day the event ended. We are going to go work on official results now.

The headline is, "101 finish event after 173 start."

We will have more later, after we get out of Front Royal, the Internet black hole of the United States.

Update [Sunday, about noon] We sort of gave up editing this page itself because it took so long. We could upload the data -- that worked pretty well.

It was an amazing weekend. We had it all -- heat, humidity, rain, cold, wind, hail, etc. There were traffic accidents, dead batteries and, at least 63 runners who dropped out.

There were many fine performances. Keith Knipling, for example, had a "bad day," but pulled out a fourth place in his tenth MMT finish. Vicki Kendall didn't disappoint her fans with a convincing win of the Senior female division.

As usual, there were many volunteers who worked very hard to make it all work. Most are pretty tired right now.

We plan to get at least the results up tonight (they are pretty much on line now). There will be more over the next few days.

There are still almost five hours to go out here. We will keep you posted!

Update [Midnight (or so)] Karl Meltzer won his second MMT in a time of 18:29:57. This was a very good time under tough conditions but not a record. Karl's closest competitors are at least two hours out. There are still aboug 130 something runnners in the event. Usually, drops drop at night. Last year, everyone who left Edinburg (on his or her feet) finished. Will that happen this year?

We have a way to go at the finish line. The rain appears to have stopped for now.

Update [10:30 p.m ] Sorry, put we had some isseus tp straighten out. It doesn't look like any records today. It is still raining!

Upate [8:00 p.m.] The rain continues. The report from Woodstock is that Karl Meltzer is "cruising." It is not on course record pace. Amy, on the other hand, is definitely close to record pace. But she was only four minutes ahead of Sue Johnston at Moreland. It will be interesting.

There are many other great performances out there. Glen Redpath, Mike Mason, and Todd Walker are all relatively close (to each other, but not to Karl.)

Update [6:19 p.m.] It's raining again, but not hard. Karl is probably through Edinburg by now. His split at Mooreland Gap was four minutes faster that Matt Estes's 2005 time. (The 2005 course was essentially the same as this year's course.) It looks like he is not on record pace, but he is running fast!

Meanwhile, Amy Sproston is moving up the field. She is right on Sue Johnston's 2005 course record pace. Sue finished in 22:38:29.

We now have people who can enter data while others upload. So we hope to keep you updated if you stay up all night! We will.

Update [4:25 p.m.] It's been a hectic afternoon. Ed Demoney, who is following the leaders, reports that they generally looked strong at the Visitor's Center. Most of the course got very hard rain, though it did not last too long. It is still cloudy now, and we will probably get more rain again. It will be a long night for most runners.

Update [1:29 pm] We are more up to date with the times. The weather is getting very warm. The runners will probably welcome rain. But maybe not thunderstorms.

There are probably errors in the data. In the data from aid station 2, there were two numbers that were listed twice. If you see something that looks wrong, it may be. Feel free to send us an e-mail. We will look into it.

Update [11:35 am] We think we fixed some problems with the times at Veach (AS 2). We have about 2/3 of the times at Habron. We will finish Habron.

Sorry, this is slow. Our reinforcements arrive this afternoon. Hopefully, we will get faster. The lead runners are through Gap Creek I.

Update [12:12 p.m.] We are finally starting to catch up. May get some pictures up soon. Will go back and finish Veach later. Look at Amy. She is moving up the field!

Update [10:26 a.m.] The Internet access here is very slow. Also, our data entry may have some issues. We will try to get the Habron splits in next. Sorry about the delay. It is clear that there will be at most, two or three posts an hour.

First Update [10:00 a.m.] The day dawned clear, humid and warm. One hundred seventy three runners started. All were still in the event by Veech Gap at 11.8 miles. Sixty-six runners are through Habron. We are a bit behind entering data. But we will work on it. We do not have convenient Internet access so we will have to take a walk to upload.

Karl Meltzer is leading the race with Todd Walker and Glen Redpath close behind. Karl was running with Todd at Veach but gained a bit on the road into Habron so that he was leading by 23 minutes.

In the woman's race, Amy Sproston is, as expected, leading comfortably.

More soon!

This year's run will be very interesting. The male field is very strong. The last two champions -- Karl Meltzer and Todd Walker -- are back. There are several who can challenge them. A race between two or three front runners at MMT can be quite exciting. We have the potential for that this year.

The women's field is a bit different. There are only 23 females entered. Most would say that Amy Sproston is the clear favorite. She is well-placed to win the BRR-MMT double. (We are not sure that this has ever been done by a man or woman. If you have 30 minutes with nothing to do, you could look it up.) There are, however, several very strong women who will be vying for age group wins. One great competition may be between Deb Pero and Vicki Kendall for the senior female win.

And the weather? Who knows. The first several MMTs each had storms. The last several MMTs have had much better weather. Let's all plan for storms and hope they don't last too long.

As MMT approaches, many people are doing a lot of work to make it all happen. Aid station captains are buying food, collecting equipment, worrying about what problems they will have, etc. The course markers will spend all Friday out putting up ribbons. Radio folks will drive to the woods on Saturday and stay all night. It's a big deal.

Is it all done for the runners? Not really. It's done for the event. The runners are an important part of that, but it is really the shared pursuit of a common goal. That's what makes it cool.

We will see many of you out there this weekend. If you can't make it, this page will try to give you as much information as possible.