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These are unofficial results of members of the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club at selected trail and ultra runs. (You can usually find the official results at the Web link provided for those events with Web sites.)

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The Ring
Sep 4 -- Web Site
3 people have reported their results.
25:09:00Sophie SpeidelNice try, Q...actually he stepped aside, fearing for his safety, as I plowed past at the finish line
25:09:01Quatro HubbardTripped at the end or I would have beat Sophie . . .
27:04:00Graham ZollmanPROUD TO BE A RINGER AND A SISTER.
Great Eastern
Sep 4 -- Web Site
4 people have reported their results.
5:15:22Aaron SchwartzbardDid the 50K. Times were a little slower this year.
12:26:00Jeffrey Wilburmilkshake @ 16mi. = regurgitation tour of GEER
14:22:00Joe Zwillerfirst 100k!
14:36:54Steve PeroGreat run in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Aug 21 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
DNFMichael BurI'll be back
FinishedSteve PeroTough one...don't remember my time
Catoctin 50k Trail Run
Aug 14 -- Web Site
5 people have reported their results.
6:32:00Michael Bur 
6:44:40Jay FinkleAs rocky as everybody said it was.
6:44:40Quatro HubbardGet to run for free next year under buy 5 get 1 free plan
6:55:00Joe Zwillerthanks to kevin
7:42:06Anita Finkle 
Jul 9 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
DNFSteve PeroEastern lung syndrome...I'll be back!
DNFJeffrey Wilbur0 for 2 this yr. Lungs, stomach ....Looking forward to possibly appendicitis for the next one
Western States
Jun 26 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
21:49:59Bryon PowellAn experience that I'll cherish for a lifetime.Thanks for all the support & advice for my 1st 100.
28:28:00Robert SaranieroThe views the first 24 Miles are almost worth the price of admission.
Mohican 100 Trail Run
Jun 19 -- Web Site
1 person has reported results.
29:30:49Lou JonesThanks Janet !
Highlands Sky
Jun 19 -- Web Site
9 people have reported their results.
8:07:00Sophie SpeidelVHTRC rocked that course!
8:35:45David StuckeyTough run, and getting caught by Sophie is becoming routine....
8:43:02Roger ClaussenBeautiful difficult course; outstanding race managment. Highly recommended.
9:49:47David SnipesLots of mud, great to see friends again
9:50:00Joe Zwillergreat time! wet & rocky for sure
9:58:52Dru SextonFUN,FUN,FUN.
9:58:52Graham Zollmanthe most fun in a run I've even had. Funtastic.
DNFCaroline Leean-Stearnsbeat me again this year!! DETERMINED MORE THAN EVER TO FINISH NEXT YEAR!
FinishedQuatro HubbardInteresting, varied course, in a beautiful setting - will be back!
Bighorn Trail
Jun 18 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
12:26:00Linda Wack50M. Highly recommend this race! Gorgeous course, but a real quad-buster. Lots of fun.
29:39:00Steve PeroAwesome course!
Laurel Highlands
Jun 12 -- Web Site
1 person has reported results.
20:22:00Edward CacciapagliaBeautiful course kicked a lot of butts including mine.
Old Dominion - Old Version
Jun 5 -- Web Site
1 person has reported results.
23:28:07Jay FinkleMy favorite race.
Kettle Moraine
Jun 5 -- Web Site
1 person has reported results.
19:00:23Ronald ElyHarder than I expected, but managed to finish 2nd place overall
Old Dominion - New Version
May 29 -- Web Site
4 people have reported their results.
22:50:16David SnipesA great race and had a good time
24:41:00Jay FinkleFort Valley is a great place for a run.
24:42:00Anita FinkleOur team, NCUltra.org, won first place--out of one team.
29:28:27Clarence Wilson JrThis was my 3rd finish. This years course was much better than the previous two.
Capon Valley
May 15 -- Web Site
10 people have reported their results.
3:58:00Bryon PowellTo answer the question... it's THAT fast. (And a wee bit short to boot.)
4:16:09Ronald Ely 
4:24:00Sophie Speidela 45K PR that will stand forever (or until they shorten the course again)
4:28:46David StuckeyCaught by Sophie again...grrr...but still a PR!
4:32:17Roger Claussen 
4:47:04Robert SaranieroWicked fast course that is worth running for the chicken at the finish!
5:22:30Edward CacciapagliaNice course with climbs, creek crossings, mud, fast downhill/flat finish.
5:23:00Linda WackEasier than pacing at MMT!
6:01:33Pamela GowenNew PR!
6:43:18Kirstin Walcottdefinitely short as I walked most of the last 10 miles!
Massanutten Mt. Trails
May 8 -- Web Site
9 people have reported their results.
27:49:00Mike BroderickGreat job Stan, and many thanks to super crew Barb Isom and pacer Linda Wack.
29:02:30Jaret Seiberg 
30:53:47Jay FinkleSome of the nicest views of any ultra I've done.
33:25:30David SnipesWow
33:25:35Graham Zollmanthanks Dru & Anita and all the volunteers. loved it
34:46:00Brian McNeillI finished. Thank God! Now I can go back to volunteering.
DNFQuatro HubbardWas fun while I lasted . . . want that buckle in 2005
DNFAaron SchwartzbardWell, poopy! Now I must return in 2005 to exact vengeance on those rocks!
DNFJeffrey WilburNo longer taking breathing for granted
Promise Land
Apr 24 -- Web Site
7 people have reported their results.
6:14:00Sophie Speidelso much fun to beat Dave...
6:18:03David StuckeyCaught by Sophie on the last hill! Curses!
6:46:00Jaret SeibergWhat a great course!
7:11:31David SnipesIt was a great day to run
7:52:28Anita FinkleEnjoyed the scenery!
7:52:28Jay FinkleEnjoyed the real long downhills.
FinishedCaroline Leean-StearnsMuch better weather than the week before at BRR. Going for MMTR this year!
Bull Run Run
Apr 17 -- Web Site
20 people have reported their results.
6:42:59Aaron SchwartzbardI wish I could stayed longer after the race, but I had a flight to catch!
7:28:02Bryon PowellIt took 12 years, but I finally puked during a run.
7:47:43Ronald ElyLoved the bluebells. Thank you for the popsicle.
8:09:04Michele HarmonBest I've ever felt during a 50 miler - why? I ran slow!
8:33:32Russ EvansFlying Furbutts kick butt!!!
8:49:00Jaret Seiberg 
8:49:30Michael Priddycrash and BURN baby! stomach forced me to walk ~11 of the last 12M.
8:50:23Roger Claussen 
9:28:21Mike Broderick 
9:28:53Linda Wack 
9:32:00Scott Crabbthoroughly enjoyed this event
9:57:06Chandra FloodMy 1st 50-miler and VHTRC race. Thanks for the great experience!!
10:21:26Quatro HubbardSlow, but happy to finish in good shape on this hot day
10:23:00Robert SaranieroToo Fat, Too Hot, Too run Fast.
10:37:00Brian McNeill5 years in a row-- each time a little faster and a little older
11:41:28Anita FinkleBeautiful day, delicious food at the aid stations!
11:41:28Jay FinkleI enjoyed the smoked oysters at the Do Loop Aid Station.
FinishedMichael Bur 
FinishedCaroline Leean-StearnsThanks Margie, Stan, Janice, Bill Van!! Special Thanks to Tanya!!
FinishedJames MooreRebecca got a completion of the BRR course. Long in coming, but completed it. Thanks Scotty.
Chocolate Bunny
Apr 10 -- Web Site
4 people have reported their results.
8:51:00Robert SaranieroPerfect Weather, Great Friends, Good Chocolate...oh...and rocks..
9:21:00Brian McNeillShort Mt. is slower when you've already run 70 miles
10:05:00David SnipesTotally the best night run ever, hats off to Tom and all the volunteers
FinishedQuatro HubbardThanks Tom and other volunteers - nice night for walk in woods
Apr 3 -- Web Site
8 people have reported their results.
22:18:08David SnipesIt was a great first 100 miler for me!!
23:13:00Anita FinkleIt's a long run and it's a long story. Huge PR and first sub 24.
23:13:00Jay FinkleExcellent course. Several friends completed their first 100 miler. Anita was amazing.
23:47:17Carl CampFirst Sub-24. Perfect conditions. Good to see everyone!
26:51:30Lou JonesFull Moon
27:01:52James MooreGreat Weather. Nice Run. Rebecca did 50 miles
27:50:49Dru SextonFIRST 100. YES
27:50:50Graham Zollmanfirst 100, finished with Dru WHAT a runner great day. lots of friends Tom Corris was a nice surpise
Hinte Anderson Trail Run - HAT
Mar 27 -- Web Site
22 people have reported their results.
4:11:34Bryon PowellNew race plan - fried chicken, biscuits, and coffee for breakfast
4:41:07Michael Priddymy 1st HAT. went out too fast but got negative splits anyway!
4:48:00Michele HarmonHad many different problems including bloody feet; being on the VHTRC team was great!
5:04:00Jeffrey WilburMost fun bonk ever - thanks all
5:08:00Michael Bur 
5:09:21David StuckeyGreat day, great time (for me)
5:10:00Jaret SeibergGot to love mud late in a run!
5:13:00Mike BroderickThanks Phil and Jeff for another great run.
5:24:00Robert SaranieroWent out like a rookie. Crashed and burned like a veteran.
5:38:55Quatro Hubbard 
5:40:49Bill Turrentine 
5:41:00Harry SmithMud, what mud?
5:41:23Vicki KendallClose enough - great day! Wonderful to see all the familiar faces.
5:44:00Marty LindemannGreat chocolate pudding run. Congrats to first time ultra finishers Jill, Kirsten and others!
6:11:07Brian McNeillMuch better than last year's mud-boggin' madness
6:15:00Joe Zwillermy first ultra, hooked
6:20:00Maria BertacchiMuch nicer than last year! Did my best time evr. Very pleased with that! HAT is always a great time
6:30:04Kirstin WalcottBeautiful course. Uh-oh, I'm hooked now!
6:37:50Anstr DavidsonThanks Phil and Jeff!
6:49:12Caroline Leean-StearnsStarted WAY too fast, lost my cool on the second loop, but a little faster than last year.
6:55:18James MooreGreat 13th HAT for me. Rebecca had a super 1 looper
7:02:18Pamela Gowen 
Fairfax CCT Fat Ass
Mar 21 -- Web Site
9 people have reported their results.
5:35:00Michele HarmonHad fun using maps and reading where to go next; incredibly windy!
5:35:00Michael Priddyit was a tuff run on tired legs after running hill repeats sat.
5:45:00Edward CacciapagliaNice Difficult Run Crossing near the end and Gaynor kept gaining.
5:50:00Michael Burditched the 3 mile road section for more trails and stormdrains!
5:50:00Jaret SeibergSkipped road section for more trails and storm drains!
6:19:00Vicki KendallGot to run with Kerry Owens! Great day. Kudos John Coogan!
6:43:00Brian McNeillThis tunnel is definitely NOT part of the course. Don't go through the tunnel!
6:46:00Maria BertacchiCool run. great course, except for the sidewalk. WINDY COLD. yowza.
FinishedScott Crabbfinished with M. Priddy and M. Harmon
Kentucky Ultra Trail Sojourn
Mar 20 -- Web Site
4 people have reported their results.
7:35:13Dru Sexton 
7:35:13Graham Zollman32 miles per R.D. finished with DRU on a beautiful,but warm day. Course was in great shape
7:50:00Anita Finkle"32" Hedgecock miles. Must return next year to try the 50 miler.
7:50:00Jay FinkleGreat course. I think it was closer to a 60k than a 50k run. Not enough time to do 50 miles.
Buzzards A.C. Marathon
Mar 14 -- Web Site
8 people have reported their results.
4:22:00Bryon PowellIf it's got hills to climb, I love it. This was no exception. Ran an hour faster than last year.
5:08:00Robert SaranieroThey stole rocks from MMT and hid them in PA. Loved this run.
5:15:00Harry SmithThanks from the RD to all who ran and helped
5:19:00Linda WackNot crazy enough to run up Second Mtn w/Harry. Great event!
5:20:00Quatro HubbardSwitchbacks?! We don't need no stinkin' switchbacks!
5:24:00Michael BurSome really nice climbs and quad busting dowhills!
DNFCaroline Leean-StearnsSince it was a fatass, I listened to my tired old body, and "took it easy."
FinishedVicki KendallWe did some serious bushwhacking up a rocky cliff.
Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
Mar 13 -- Web Site
3 people have reported their results.
0:50:42Bryon PowellGreat course, great fun. Reminded me of high school XC. Hopefully the start of a good season.
1:13:23Vicki KendallPerfect day for a run, great cause too. Thank you Ed!
1:24:05James MooreHad a nice run; really nice seeing everyone. Tks, Ed.
Greenway Trail
Mar 6 -- Web Site
8 people have reported their results.
4:15:10Michael Priddyjust might have been sloppier than 2003 Holiday Lake 50k
4:16:00Michele HarmonLoved running on my home course; slopiest race I've ever run; lots and lots of water
4:28:00Michael Burwet, muddy, fun!
4:44:00Linda WackRain, mud, deep water, great volunteers, extra distance. Ed thought of everything! Lots of fun!
4:46:00Scott Crabbfun and muddy
5:43:00Charlie MiracleToo much info, Lots of MUD, but great FUN for all. Thanks to Ed and all the volunteers!
7:24:43Jack Evansnot fast but who cares
DNFBrian McNeillIn charge of the haggis, Scotch eggs, clootie dumpling, mmm-mmm good
Catawba Run-Around
Mar 6 -- Web Site
12 people have reported their results.
7:15:00Aaron SchwartzbardBeee-ootiful
9:25:00Marty LindemannMost beautiful views & venue. This course really shows off the beauty of the Appalachians.
9:28:10Quatro HubbardThis one lives up to the hype! And very entertaining post-race festivities . . .
9:28:11Sophie SpeidelGary, I love my beads! Thanks, Keith, for an awesome day.
10:39:53Bill TurrentineHad a great time - hurt for almost a week afterwards
11:00:59Vicki KendallAsk Graham for official finish. Great day with friends!
11:08:00Anita FinkleMy first taste of Knob Creek at the finish did not prevent soreness the next day.
11:08:00Jay FinkleDrank a large bottle of Yoohoo at mile 16 because of Gary's insistence. Tasted great!
11:45:00Anstr DavidsonEarned several Scottys!
13:30:00Caroline Leean-StearnsTook on the beads just before the first hill, and wore them proudly to the bitter end!! May I keep?
FinishedJames MooreBeautiful, tough run. I did Dragon's Tooth; "almost" gave myself a "Scotty"
FinishedHarry SmithA big thanks to the Kniplings for a great event
Black Mountain Marathon and the Mount Mitchell Challenge
Feb 28 -- Web Site
3 people have reported their results.
8:11:23Vicki KendallIncredible views; looking forward to 2005;
9:32:10Caroline Leean-StearnsHad a blast! Next year? FOR SURE!
FinishedWalker WilliamsThe Marathon. Next year--The Challenge--to the summit I go!
Coyote Fourplay
Feb 19 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
FinishedAnstr DavidsonDid 87 miles. That's a finish!
FinishedJames MooreWe had a ball. I got in 73 miles. Rebecca got in 47. We ran 40 miles together. It was great!!
The Wild Oak Trail
Feb 14 -- Web Site
13 people have reported their results.
9:40:00Marty Lindemann1 loop. I love this trail. The 100 is on my lifetime list. I know Graham and Dru are up for it.
9:45:00Charlie Miracle1 loop, Oh my God!!!!!!, but the scenery was beautiful.
9:51:00Dru Sexton 
9:51:00Graham Zollmangreat run. marty,tom,charlie,vicki,dru. loved running with u.
DNFMichael BurCan't wait for HOT TWOT...think I can get further there...
DNFAnstr DavidsonDid about 2/3 of a loop and then took the road.
DNFMike DobiesIf I wanted snow covered trails, I coulda stayed home......
DNFRuss EvansCut course due to time constraints
DNFVicki KendallOne loop - lots of snow; great views!
DNFJames MooreSame as my hero, Anstr
DNFSteve PeroDeb and I had a blast with Tucker! Finished one loop (25 miles)very slow (about 10.5 hours)..
DNFBryon Powell8 hr 34 min for one long, slow loop. The beautiful course was well worth it.
DNFBill WandelFollowed Anstr and James
Holiday Lake
Feb 14 -- Web Site
6 people have reported their results.
4:14:34Aaron SchwartzbardIf it was just a little bit longer, tom'd've made trail-kill out of me!
4:50:00Jeffrey Wilburlight training + light mud = heavy legs (but big fun)
5:24:45Sophie SpeidelWent out too fast and crashed. Great day in the woods though, and I enjoyed meeting Joyce. F.!
5:49:20David SnipesHad a great time
5:53:40David Stuckeyreal nice day
6:54:10Caroline Leean-StearnsEGO TRIP, until Mt. Mitchell Challenge, where I'll be totally humbled again.
Uwharrie Mountain Run
Feb 7 -- Web Site
5 people have reported their results.
8:48:00Quatro Hubbard40 miler - it was a beautiful day; great fun!
9:22:59Vicki KendallExcellent variety of trail, highly recommend
FinishedCaroline Leean-StearnsGreat Aid. Mix bag of mud, rocks, streams, soft dirt, and hills. Enjoyed the sunset.
FinishedDru Sexton40 miler. great trail. great day. great friends.
FinishedGraham Zollmana little under 9hrs. great seeing everyone. this is our 3rd year doing the 40. well put on.
Rocky Raccoon
Feb 7 -- Web Site
7 people have reported their results.
18:00:52Ronald Ely5th place male, 6th overall. Perfect conditions for a good hard run all day long.
25:16:00Greg LoomisYou can do it off only 27 miles per week!!!!
26:05:33Anita FinkleStill trying to decide if 100 milers are fun. Discovered how wonderful handwarmers are.
26:05:33Jay Finklekinda like massanutten but no hills or rocks
Michael Priddy 
DNFMichele BurrMedical tent at 60 miles, dropped at 80 - but I'm not giving up on 100s!
DNFTimothy Loomis50 miles in 8 1/2 hrs, DNF at 73 miles. Maybe I'll stick to the 50Ks and 50-milers.
Delaware 50k
Jan 11 -- Web Site
15 people have reported their results.
2:43:00Vicki KendallActually 25K, marathon, or 50k option. Felt lousy - cut 3rd loop short. Carl gave me credit for 25K
3:40:00Caroline Leean-Stearns25K, due to tendonitis, with Walker--NOT 4 minutes ahead of Walker either.
3:44:00Walker WilliamsHaven't ran since Swinging Bridge!
4:27:00Michael BurTime is for the marathon, not 50k
4:39:00Michele BurrNote to self... Do not try to race a 50K two weekends in a row. Almost killed myself... and Mike.
4:39:00Michael PriddyMichele ran us into the ground (50k)
4:43:00Ronald Ely 
5:05:00James Moore25k with Rebecca. Nice trails. Tks Carl!
5:35:00Linda WackTraildawgs are the best! Not too cold for Mr. S. Adams.
5:35:01Quatro HubbardThanks Trail Dawgs for letting us play on your trails again!
5:50:00Karen Shileygreat event, great Iron Hill brews after, thanks Dawgs!
6:04:00Jim Cavanaugh 
6:04:00Charlie MiracleThanks to Carl for putting on this event
6:16:00O Hunt BartineFRIGID but fun
6:19:00Harry SmithA little chilly at start, well marked
Jan 10 -- Web Site
2 people have reported their results.
5:40:44Greg Loomis2nd Overal 50k
14:43:48Steve PeroHOT!!!!!

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