Withdrawal and Refund Status
Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 27, 2016

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
21Mary Jane BaniakFebruary 19February 19February 21
20Julie BousquetFebruary 20February 21February 21
19Jim LopezFebruary 20February 21February 21
18Justin HershFebruary 19February 19February 19
17Jerry MarquezFebruary 19February 19February 19
16Mary KreisFebruary 19February 19February 19
15Jason GriffithFebruary 18February 18February 18
14Jeff PalmerFebruary 16February 16February 17
13Brian O'ConnorFebruary 17February 17February 17
12Alvin LeeFebruary 16February 16February 17
11Richard MonroeFebruary 16February 16February 16
10Mark HarveyFebruary 16February 16February 16
9Jon JesterFebruary 16February 16February 16
8Will LanningFebruary 15February 15February 15
7John HaywardFebruary 15February 15February 15
6Jon TowerFebruary 15February 15February 15
5Geoffrey MasonFebruary 15February 15February 15
4Chris BritzFebruary 15February 15February 15
3Niqui JohnsonJanuary 30January 30February 8
2Denny NewbornFebruary 2February 2February 8
1Bob CoyneFebruary 8February 8February 8

Wait List

from List
10Tom DeKornfeldFebruary 17February 17
9Prianka NandyFebruary 16February 16
8Jackie OngFebruary 16February 16
7Chris BattenFebruary 12February 13
6Tim JohnsonJanuary 30January 30
5Catherine HowardJanuary 29January 30
4Anstr Davidson January 25
3David MitchellJanuary 25January 25
2Bryan SlotterbachJanuary 25January 25
1Judy RichwineJanuary 18January 25

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: