Withdrawal and Refund Status
Massanutten Mountain Trails 100

Fort Valley, Virginia
May 18, 2013

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the 2013 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100. The current year status is here.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
42Sean AndrishMay 5May 6May 12
41Rush CombsMay 7May 7May 12
40Marlin YoderMay 6May 8May 12
39Lisa ArnoldMay 6May 7May 12
38David GarmanMay 5May 6May 12
37Daniel KaneMay 6May 7May 12
36Chad PialaMay 5May 6May 12
35Randy DietzApril 28April 29May 4
34Michael YoderApril 29April 30May 4
33Kathy WolfApril 26April 29May 4
32Thaddeus MeyerMay 2May 2May 4
31Mitchell PotterApril 26April 26April 28
30Jeff FaberApril 22April 22April 28
29Dave Yeakel JrApril 22April 22April 28
28Rudy RegnerApril 15April 16April 21
27Mike DobiesApril 15April 15April 21
26Frank ProbstApril 14April 14April 21
25David CollinsApril 15April 15April 21
24Doug SullivanApril 15April 15April 21
23Steve BunvilleApril 15April 15April 21
22Sam VoltaggioApril 10April 11April 14
21Josh EdmondApril 6April 8April 14
20David PetermanApril 10April 10April 14
19Gary TinkerApril 8April 8April 14
18Scott MyersApril 12April 13April 14
17Jason VocciaApril 9April 9April 14
16Josh DennisMarch 31April 1April 7
15David HughesApril 1April 1April 7
14Quin SpragueApril 3April 3April 7
13Jennifer HenryMarch 29March 31April 7
12Greg LoomisMarch 23March 25March 25
11Iain HughesMarch 13March 14March 24
10Matt LindseyMarch 8March 8March 24
9Kent GallupMarch 18March 18March 24
8James CatronMarch 21March 22March 24
7Danny RogersMarch 14March 14March 24
6Christopher CalfeeMarch 19March 20March 24
5Christine BoneMarch 15March 15March 24
4Susan GardnerMarch 2March 3March 6
3Holly BuginMarch 1March 1March 1
2Thomas MaysFebruary 8February 8February 18
1Tom SimondsJanuary 27January 27February 7

Wait List

from List
Fee Refunded
or Check Destroyed
25Jimmy MaugerApril 30May 1 
24Chris StotlerApril 28April 29 
23Phil ZimmermanApril 23April 24 
22Jonathan AllenApril 23April 23 
21Thomas ODonnellApril 20April 22 
20William WeidmanApril 21April 22 
19John DennisApril 22April 22 
18Richard CollinsJanuary 10January 11April 21
17Andrew OBrienApril 10April 11April 21
16Stephen EckbergApril 14April 14 
15Kimmy RileyApril 12April 12 
14Phil RiceApril 9April 10 
13Jordan WhitlockApril 8April 8 
12William SolleyApril 1April 1April 1
11Jeremy PadeMarch 25March 26March 26
10Michel RitzMarch 16  
9Dan HartleyFebruary 24February 25February 25
8Jack KuriskyFebruary 24February 25February 25
7Paul DavisFebruary 24February 25February 25
6Jason FriedmanFebruary 15February 15February 15
5Anthony SweitzerFebruary 6February 6February 6
4Jason FlassingJanuary 29January 29January 29
3Alisa SpringmanJanuary 22January 22 
2Dave CockmanJanuary 16January 16 
1John H PowellJanuary 11January 11 

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: