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Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
4k - 8k

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On the trail


by Ed Demoney, RD

Despite a wet course and drizzle, 122 runners finished and had a lot of fun doing so. There arenít that many opportunities to run trails in Northern Virginia with 36 enjoying a 4K finish and 86 the 8K. There were surprisingly few falls on the muddy and leaf covered trails and slippery water crossings.

The trail runs were a successful fund raising event for Gulf Branch Nature Center and Potomac Overlook Regional Park. Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center (FoGBNC) will receive $1,771.50 for the benefit of the nature center and Potomac Overlook $590.50. FoGBNC needs to raise $10,000 by December 31, 2009, to prevent Gulf Branch Nature Centerís operations being reduced to 3-1/2 days from the current 4-1/2.

On the trailMartha Nelson ran a course record 37:57, breaking the 38:40 mark set by Tammy Southworth in 2001, and finishing first overall in the 8K. Lukas McGowan, 39:09, led the men runners. David Reynolds, 44, (40:32) and Mary Catherine Malin, 50, (53:25) were the winning masterís runners.

In the 4K Emily Blagg, age 15, was the overall winner with a time of 19:42, just two seconds slower than the 19:40 record she set in 2006 at age 11. Emily took it easy since she had competed in a high school race a day earlier. First man was Phil Ennis, age 47, with a time of 21:17. Youth captured three of the first four places in the 4K. Masterís winners in the 4K were Mark Mullen, 43, (23:07) and Karen Bate, 52, (27:34).

The race would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of volunteers from Virginia Happy Trails Running Club and FoGBNC managed by VHTRCís Maria Bertacchi,. Also providing valuable support were VHTRCís Anstr Davidson and Valerie Meyer, TriTeam Zís Ed Zerkle, and Bob Platt of RacePacket. And in a continuation of a long tradition of the event, awards were contributed by the Mad Bomber.

[There are 76 photos from the run on VHTRC Flickr site. That site has the original, high resolution versions of the photos. You may download a photo for any non-comercial purpose.]


The results were compiled by Bob Platt of the RacePacket.com. They first appeared on the RacePacket site.

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Place Name Age Sex Time
4 KM (37 finishers)
1Emily Blagg15F0:19:42
2Phil Ennis47M0:21:17
3Christopher Blagg12M0:21:18
4Dustin Reynolds14M0:21:20
5Daniel Spelacy24M0:21:22
6Mark Mullen43M0:23:07
7Eric Larsen37M0:24:29
8Amy Lewis32F0:26:47
9Karen Bate52F0:27:34
10Marlene Tomaszkiewicz35F0:29:26
11Eren Guendelsberger13M0:29:30
12John Guendelsberger58M0:29:31
13Janet Blagg42F0:29:42
14Connor Koch13M0:30:02
15Johannna Hooks28F0:30:32
16Edwin Fountain45M0:30:43
17Marla Stadeli36F0:31:56
18Glen McLeod19M0:32:10
19Joann Sharp39F0:33:25
20Cathy Wague39F0:33:40
21Ehren Harvey22M0:33:40
22Julie Vasseur51F0:34:00
23Sophie McLeod11F0:34:57
24Lynn Mattucci53F0:35:13
25Molly Kaplan63F0:36:47
26Maddie Koch10F0:37:38
27John Lewis44M0:40:19
28Marna Louis42F0:40:20
29Tim Greten34M0:40:43
30Duke Banks63M0:43:17
31Lilo Stephens53F0:44:49
32Betty Miracle56F0:45:17
33Misha O'Hanlon51M0:46:35
34Helen Hipps55F0:48:52
35Ed Cacciapaglic55M0:49:25
36Jen Baker (& baby)33F0:51:29
37Mark Norris43M0:54:46
8 KM (85 finishers)
1Martha Nelson28F0:37:57
2Lukas McGowan24M0:39:09
3David Reynolds44M0:40:32
4Alex Novelli41M0:42:11
5Clint Cosner45M0:42:22
6Tim Steis17M0:42:26
7Alexis Lopez-Buitrago45M0:42:32
8Eileen Kickish29F0:42:33
9Tom Davidson34M0:42:45
10Greg Jones37M0:43:06
11Cathy Bernasek37F0:43:13
12Mary Catherine Malin50F0:43:23
13Fabria Beaulieu28M0:43:48
14Christian Spranger42M0:43:52
15David Pflugfelder27M0:45:10
16Kerri Kramer31F0:45:11
17Dan Carroll46M0:45:12
18Greg Smiley39M0:45:58
19Jen Norris38F0:46:30
20Tracy Ford36F0:47:08
21Ajay Koduri32M0:47:11
22Sean Flanagan35M0:47:20
23Richard Beier42M0:47:42
24Daniel Sanborn46M0:47:50
25Andrew Prior40M0:48:29
26Tony D'Alessio38M0:49:48
27David McKesson44M0:49:59
28Mar Tarres38F0:50:23
29Keri Lewis35F0:52:04
30Michael Bigman50M0:52:25
31Savannah Jenkins24F0:52:28
32Brian Trammell28M0:52:34
33Jeff McIntyre42M0:52:38
34Steve Heinzman45M0:53:05
35Sam Bachman46M0:53:10
36Lisa Brousseau42F0:53:25
37Jeff Clarke45M0:53:48
38Anna Clark22F0:54:16
39Sara Davidson26F0:54:45
40Maski Takahashi55M0:55:04
41Mary Campbell41F0:55:16
42Teresa Lent47F0:55:19
43Peg Hoyle44F0:55:35
44Lauren Uranga29F0:55:56
45Lauren Golden24F0:56:00
46Gretchen Henderson30F0:56:03
47Lenny Mayor51F0:56:09
48Adam Schwartz49M0:56:30
49Kevin McCall51M0:56:39
50Jeff Webb37M0:57:34
51David Sproat47M0:57:48
52William Grove38M0:58:06
53Corey Meyers40M0:59:02
54James Moore65M0:59:15
55Sara Manska28F0:59:17
56Carol Stahl39F0:59:53
57Anthony Vitucci32M0:59:57
58Debbie Pedersen31F1:00:32
59Mike Schmidt37M1:00:41
60Wendy Iversen52F1:00:54
61Sebastian Perez10M1:01:07
62Kate Abbott44F1:01:15
63Mary Rosenbohm46F1:01:17
64Colleen Cassidy23F1:01:23
65Christine Lesando36F1:01:24
66Raquel Wright33F1:01:31
67Victoria Arthaud42F1:01:43
68Janet Chow34F1:01:48
69Rachel Peck26F1:01:50
70Laurel Angell39F1:01:50
71Michele McLeod51F1:03:32
72Donna Sumpton46F1:04:09
73Sherri Brothers36F1:04:51
74Sean Henderson39M1:04:53
75Sarah Calvert47F1:05:04
76Greg Wilska37M1:05:21
77Katherine Hahn46F1:06:14
78Jen Harvey29F1:06:27
79Mark Monborne52M1:06:43
80Karen Monborne50F1:06:45
81Colleen Smith39F1:08:28
82Kate Blood28F1:08:31
83Jamie Koch45F1:08:33
84Sonja Benson48F1:12:18
85Priscilla Demeo38F1:32:57

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On the trail

Age Group Results

These are the results sorted by common age groups. Not all these groups received awards.

  Under 20 Men
1Tim Steis17M0:42:26
2Sebastian Perez10M1:01:07
  20s Women
1Martha Nelson28F0:37:57
2Eileen Kickish29F0:42:33
3Savannah Jenkins24F0:52:28
4Anna Clark22F0:54:16
5Sara Davidson26F0:54:45
6Lauren Uranga29F0:55:56
7Lauren Golden24F0:56:00
8Sara Manska28F0:59:17
9Colleen Cassidy23F1:01:23
10Rachel Peck26F1:01:50
11Jen Harvey29F1:06:27
12Kate Blood28F1:08:31
  20s Men
1Lukas McGowan24M0:39:09
2Fabria Beaulieu28M0:43:48
3David Pflugfelder27M0:45:10
4Brian Trammell28M0:52:34
  30s Women
1Cathy Bernasek37F0:43:13
2Kerri Kramer31F0:45:11
3Jen Norris38F0:46:30
4Tracy Ford36F0:47:08
5Mar Tarres38F0:50:23
6Keri Lewis35F0:52:04
7Gretchen Henderson30F0:56:03
8Carol Stahl39F0:59:53
9Debbie Pedersen31F1:00:32
10Christine Lesando36F1:01:24
11Raquel Wright33F1:01:31
12Janet Chow34F1:01:48
13Laurel Angell39F1:01:50
14Sherri Brothers36F1:04:51
15Colleen Smith39F1:08:28
16Priscilla Demeo38F1:32:57
  30s Men
1Tom Davidson34M0:42:45
2Greg Jones37M0:43:06
3Greg Smiley39M0:45:58
4Ajay Koduri32M0:47:11
5Sean Flanagan35M0:47:20
6Tony D'Alessio38M0:49:48
7Jeff Webb37M0:57:34
8William Grove38M0:58:06
9Anthony Vitucci32M0:59:57
10Mike Schmidt37M1:00:41
11Sean Henderson39M1:04:53
12Greg Wilska37M1:05:21
  40s Women
1Lisa Brousseau42F0:53:25
2Mary Campbell41F0:55:16
3Teresa Lent47F0:55:19
4Peg Hoyle44F0:55:35
5Kate Abbott44F1:01:15
6Mary Rosenbohm46F1:01:17
7Victoria Arthaud42F1:01:43
8Donna Sumpton46F1:04:09
9Sarah Calvert47F1:05:04
10Katherine Hahn46F1:06:14
11Jamie Koch45F1:08:33
12Sonja Benson48F1:12:18
  40s Men
1David Reynolds44M0:40:32
2Alex Novelli41M0:42:11
3Clint Cosner45M0:42:22
4Alexis Lopez-Buitrago45M0:42:32
5Christian Spranger42M0:43:52
6Dan Carroll46M0:45:12
7Richard Beier42M0:47:42
8Daniel Sanborn46M0:47:50
9Andrew Prior40M0:48:29
10David McKesson44M0:49:59
11Jeff McIntyre42M0:52:38
12Steve Heinzman45M0:53:05
13Sam Bachman46M0:53:10
14Jeff Clarke45M0:53:48
15Adam Schwartz49M0:56:30
16David Sproat47M0:57:48
17Corey Meyers40M0:59:02
  50s Women
1Mary Catherine Malin50F0:43:23
2Lenny Mayor51F0:56:09
3Wendy Iversen52F1:00:54
4Michele McLeod51F1:03:32
5Karen Monborne50F1:06:45
  50s Men
1Michael Bigman50M0:52:25
2Maski Takahashi55M0:55:04
3Kevin McCall51M0:56:39
4Mark Monborne52M1:06:43
  60s Men
1James Moore65M0:59:15
  Under 20 Women
1Emily Blagg15F0:19:42
2Sophie McLeod11F0:34:57
3Maddie Koch10F0:37:38
  20s Women
1Johannna Hooks28F0:30:32
  30s Women
1Amy Lewis32F0:26:47
2 Marlene Tomaszkiewicz35F0:29:26
3 Marla Stadeli36F0:31:56
4 Joann Sharp39F0:33:25
5Cathy Wague39F0:33:40
6 Jen Baker (& baby)33F0:51:29
  40s Women
1Janet Blagg42F0:29:42
2Marna Louis42F0:40:20
  50s Women
1Karen Bate52F0:27:34
2Julie Vasseur51F0:34:00
3Lynn Mattucci53F0:35:13
4Lilo Stephens53F0:44:49
5Betty Miracle56F0:45:17
6Helen Hipps55F0:48:52
  60s Women
1Molly Kaplan63F0:36:47
  Under 20 Men
1Christopher Blagg12M0:21:18
2Dustin Reynolds14M0:21:20
3Eren Guendelsberger13M0:29:30
4 Connor Koch13M0:30:02
5Glen McLeod19M0:32:10
  20s Men
1Daniel Spelacy24M0:21:22
2Ehren Harvey22M0:33:40
  30s Men
1Eric Larsen37M0:24:29
2Tim Greten34M0:40:43
  40s Men
1Phil Ennis47M0:21:17
2Mark Mullen43M0:23:07
3Edwin Fountain45M0:30:43
4John Lewis44M0:40:19
5Mark Norris43M0:54:46
  50s Men
1John Guendelsberger58M0:29:31
2Misha O'Hanlon51M0:46:35
3Ed Cacciapaglic55M0:49:25
  60s Men
1Duke Banks63M0:43:17

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The Mad BomberPrizes included hats from the Mad Bomber!

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Ed Demoney is the director of this event.

On the trail

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