How to Renew Your VHTRC Membership

You are not logged in. You must be logged in to renew. Before you go further, use the User login to the left. If you forgot your password, have one e-mailed.

Here is a longer explanation:

  1. Be sure that you are logged into the VHTRC site.
    (To log in, go to the bottom of the left column of this page. If you have trouble with login, go to login help.)
  2. (If your membership has lapsed, you probably still have an account on the Web site. First try to log into that account with your user name and password (login help).  If that doesn't work, then you probably need to use the "Join the VHTRC" link.)
  3. Click on My account.
    (The My account link is at the bottom of the left column of this page if you are logged in.  If you are not logged in, see 1 above.)
  4. Click on the Membership tab in My account.
  5. You will see your current expiration date to determine if you need to renew.
  6. To renew, click on either the Change or Extend link on the Membership tab and follow the prompts.
    (There is help on the Membership tab to decide whether you Change or Extend, or see below.)
  7. Volunteers: If you volunteered at BRR, MMT, the WHM, or the trail work party, use the coupon code VOLUNTEER for free renewal. (More information is below.)

Background: Each club membership now expires either 12 or 24 months after it was purchased.  We no longer have a single expiration date for all memberships.

How do I renew my membership?  First, be sure you are logged into the VHTRC Web site. (The login option is at the lower portion of the left column of any page.)  Click on My account (link is at bottom of left column).  Then click on Membership. You will see information about your membership including the date your membership expires.  You will also see a link called Extend and one called Change membership. Use one of those links.

Do I want to Extend or Change? You probably want to extend, but here is how it works. 

There are one-year and two-year memberships available. For each term, there is a "normal" membership and a spouse membership.  Accordingly, the system has four types of members -- one year, one year spouse, two years, and two years spouse.

If your membership is current, you have one of those memberships. Most members have a one-year membership. If you have a one-year membership and "extend," 12 months will be added to the end of your current membership. That's a renewal of your current membership on the same terms.

If, however, you want a membership of a different term, you need to "change" your membership. You click change. If you change from a one-year to a two-year membership, your two-year membership will start from the day you make the change, but the system will give you credit for unused time on your current membership.

While we can't think of many situations in which this would be needed, you can (and should) use the change option to move from a spouse to a regular membership (or the other way around) if your conditions change.

What about free membership for volunteers?  Yes. There is a coupon that can be used to subtract $15 (or $5 for a spouse) from your fee, making it zero. 

To qualify for free renewal as a volunteer you must:

  • Have worked as a pre-committed full time volunteer;
  • At either BRR, MMT, the WHM, or the trail work party;
  • In the 12 months before you renew.
  • (More about free renewal for volunteers.)

To obtain your free renewal as a volunteer, just enter the coupon code, VOLUNTEER, during the process. (Be sure to push the Apply button after you have entered VOLUNTEER.)

If you have a two-year membership, you can't renew it as a volunteer. You must change to a one-year membership and use the VOLUNTEER coupon on that.

Is there a grace period to renew? There is no longer a grace period. On the day after the expiration of your membership, you are no longer a member.

On the day after your membership expires, you will still have an account on the Web site, but you will not have the Web site permissions of a member. You can reinstate an expired membership.  But on the day after expiration, tragically, you won't be a member of the VHTRC.

What if I have a problem?  If you have a problem, please contact Anstr. If something doesn't work right, we are pretty sure we can fix it after the fact. Just let us know. If you have trouble logging in, go to login help.