Web Site Update

Update!  The birthdays are back!  We missed a few while we were gone.  They include: Kevin Bligan, Karl Barrus, Rick Amernick, Casey Nesbit, Teri Simonds, Tom Hendell, Addie Welch, and David Terry.

As our esteemed club president asked, is the "web site...still supposed to be all ____ed up?"

Well, no, it is not supposed to be messed up, but as those few of you not watching cat videos on Facebook know, the site is not right.  Here is our excuse.

We have upgraded out content management system (Drupal). We had to because the old version was not going to work well with the updated version of the Web scripting software, PHP. 

The upgrade process has been a bit complicated.  This was mainly user error on the part of the crack, or cracked, vhtrc.org staff.

We think we are making progress.  The calendar, member data base, and training run functions are back up.  Each is not as polished as it was, but they seem to work.

If you see a problem, please let me know by e-mail. I might not know about it.

Thanks for everyone's patience.