Uwharrie 100 Miler and 100K Race Results

The Uwharrie 40 Mile race, held in central North Carolina, has been a popular mid-winter event for a number of years (with its concurrent 20 mile and 8 mile race options).  This year a Uwharrie 100 mile race debuted on the very rolling and fairly technical trails in the Uwharrie National Forest.  This event also included a 100 km race that started at the same time, and shared the same 36 hour cutoff.  Runners in the 100 miler who went beyond the 100k distance were not credited with a 100km finish - all of the 100k finishers started in that event.  

The course was set up with all runners knocking out a 3.75 mile silly loop on forest service roads as a start, and then they entered a nearly 20 mile single-track loop.  The 100 milers had to finish 5 loops, and the 100k runners took on 3 loops.

Clearly the course provided a serious challenge, based on not only the low finishing percentage amongst the 100 mile starters, but also the winning time of 30 hours and 31 minutes. Eric McGlinchey's 3rd place finishing time was 32:06:20.  Only one woman finished.

Kelley Fitsimmons was 2nd amongst the 8 women finishers of the 100k, with a time of 19:59:41.  This was also good for 9th overall.  Jacki Ong finished in 24:42:37.  The winning time overall for this distance was just under 13 hours, and the first woman finished in just under 17 hours.

As of Sunday October 26 no post-race updates have been posted on the event's website, but results for the 100 miler can be found here, and for the 100k here.