Magnus Gluteus Maximus

Along the river at MGMNearly 200 runners turned out on Saturday December 13 for the 23rd running of the Magnum Gluetus Maximus 50km.  This run probably comes closer to the roots of what the VHTRC is all about than any other run we put on.  We don't care if you're fast and we don't care if you're slow.  We don't care how far you run.  We don't care if you figure out the Do Loop, and if you do, if you go clockwise or counter clock wise.  Or go around twice.  All we care about is that a huge bunch of friends get together to share the camaraderie of the trail, have fun running on a great course, eat all the pizza they want, and it doesn't cost them a cent.  This is the essence of what VHTRC has always been all about.  Thanks to Joe Clapper, who was there back in the day when all this started, for continuing this madness.


Runners before the start

Runners before the start. Photo by Andrew Tompkins.  View larger size photo