Manitou's Revenge

The VHTRC Blue Train may have gone to Wyoming but the VHTRC engine went to the Catskills.  Martha Nelson, Joey Cohen, Dave Quivey, and Joe Clapper headed north with the most experienced crew in history: Jill Quivey, Aaron Schwartzbard, and Michele Harmon.  These VHTRC runners eat adversity for breakfast.  Manitou’s Revenge was an 11 course breakfast (number of mountains).

The RD Charlie Gadol does it the old way.  If you seek a lot of course markings, aid station staff with rubber gloves, and a pampered experience, this might not be your course.  Manitou is in the Catskill Preserve, a 125 year old forest of firs, maples, and birches with spectacular views for 54 miles. The trail system predates switch backs. You get what you need but, no one is holding your hand.

Each VHTRC runner faced huge obstacles and overcame them:  Martha went off course early, Joey ran an extra 6 miles with 1,700’ of decent and climb, Dave ran on reconstructed knees, Joe ran the last 40 miles with sight in one eye.  Undeterred, the VHTRCers Climbed hand over hand, scoffed at rain squalls, relished lost skin, and enjoyed every minute.  Details at  but wait, there is more at Wussies site: