Blue Mountain Moonlight 50K - Fatass

On Saturday night after a long day with the VHTRC Volunteer party and pre-party runs.  We held the 1st annual Blue Mountain Moonlight 50K Fatass.  It was a huge sucess on an small scale!  Seven runners started and only 3 runners finished making a nice clean podium.  There were many compliments for the trail and the beautiful weather.  I'd like to thank Justin and Ella Mcneill, David Snipes and all of the runners for helping make this run a sucess.  For those of you that didn't spend the night you missed the berry pancakes and OJ for breakfast.  Maybe next year!

Blue Mountain Moonlight 50K Results
Name Gender Age Aid#1 - 6.3 Aid#2 - 15.25 Aid #3 - 18.5 Aid#4 - 26.75 Finish - 30.5 Finish Time Place
Bowels, Charles M 33 9:40ish 11:57pm 1:04am 2:52am 3:53am 7:18 2nd
McGlinchey, Eric M 41 9:40ish n/a n/a n/a n/a    
Pesjak, Bernard M 46 9:40ish 11:56pm 1:04am 3:07am 4:04am 7:29 3rd
Russell, Angela F 39 9:40ish 12:05am n/a n/a n/a    
Walker, Kevin M 35 9:40ish 11:37pm 12:24am 2:11am 3:14am 6:39 1st
Wirth, John M 35 9:40ish 12:01am 1:04am n/a n/a    
Howe, Josh M 36 n/a 11:57pm n/a n/a n/a