Veni, Vidi, Currimus

I think Latin is in order for the title    Veni, Vidi, Currimus.  (let Anstr weigh in on this.  I believe that is "We came, we saw, we Ran". Currimus being the active plural - however, I barely passed Latin; Let's see what the Latin experts in the club say.)

Despite a forecast of snow 140 hearty souls showed up for the Magnus Gluteus Maximus.  They were rewarded with a beautiful light snow and just spectacular trail conditions.  The dusting of snow was particularly stunning on the Hemlocks near the park of the same name, and the hollies.  

Although those doing the full Monty may have been an all time low, the amount of alcohol consumed approached an all time high.  Congrats to both groups.  Somebody won for men and women, but I can't remember who. Most importantly, many good friends got together for our version of a holiday party and shared trails and time together.  It was great to see grizzled veterans and newbies out in the snow making up stories.  Memories I hope all will treasure.  An indisputable record was set by number of volunteers - you have my deepest appreciation.

Thank you all for the kind words on Facebook, even though I am not on Facebook.  The 2017 version of MGM was a fantastic way to end my stint as RD and gave me time to reflect on some of my favorite memories since seven poorly dressed runners toed the line 26 years ago. I will exit while the crowd is still applauding....

Your Humble Savant,


Meanwhile, here are your MGM results.

[Joe and Michele - ready to race, or perhaps to dance?]