VHTRC Board Candidate Statement of Tracy Dahl

Howdy, runners! Many of you know me as the race director for the club's Women's Half Marathon, an event I've coordinated since 2012. I am also a current member of the VHTRC board.

My interest in serving on the club's board lies in providing diversity of perspective: I'm not fast, I don't run 100-mile races (100k is plenty much), and I remember what it's like to be a new trail runner. I think we can offer more events to welcome people who fall into those categories -- but I can't do that alone. I'd love to hear your ideas about welcoming, low-key events and work with you to make them happen. When's the last time you ran a trail 5k? Wanna maybe work together to put one on?

Our sport is growing and becoming more commercialized, so I'd like to help keep the VHTRC's zany spirit front and center at all our events. Let's help set new runners' expectations about East Coast trail running ... by putting on top-notch races and runs with hilarious, helpful volunteers -- and not taking ourselves too seriously.