The Bear 100 Miler

Robert Andrulis sent us the following from the Bear 100 miler that runs from Utah to Idaho.


Thursday, September 24th saw five happy members of the VHTRC at Leland Barker’s trout farm in Smithfield, Utah for the prerace meeting of the Bear 100 mile race. We all decided to get a photo, so Bill suggested the merry-go-round. This was great until Steve decided we needed an ‘action’ shot and started it spinning (which was good training for combating dizziness in my race, but I digress)


On Saturday night, September 26th, all five of us were there at the finish in Fish Haven, ID – right next to beautiful Bear Lake. Unfortunately Steve had some significant stomach issues in the middle of the race and didn’t make it to the finish on his own two feet. Mitchell Goodman landed a 37th place finish but just missed the ‘Grizzly Bear’ buckle (24 – 30 hour finishers) by 29 seconds! I guess a crew would have helped him there. Bill Losey finished in 67th place in 32:56 followed closely behind by Deb Pero in 74th place in 33:10 and the caboose (as is his MO) was Robert ‘Mongo’ Andrulis in 86th place at 34:49.


Steve Pero's Report | His Photos | Event Web site


Some of you should come out and run the Bear next year....much like Bighorn only point to point. I'll be there. Hope it's cooler ;-)