Redeye 50km - Jan 1, 2011


The 15th running of the Redeye 50K (with options) took place Saturday January 1, 2011. This event was started by Team Slug in 1997 and has taken place with the cooperation of Prince William Forest Park on New Years Day ever since. There was almost a hint of impending spring in the air this year as the temperature got above 50 degrees. Almost 100 participants did at least one of the three 10-mile loops, either running or walking or sometimes in between. There were several family groups represented including spouses and sons.

A few runners showed up Saturday morning after having run a New Years eve outing in the Massanuttens the evening before. One of these, Joe Clapper, claimed “best blood” after a hard nose-dive fall resulting in red dalmation-spots on his white tee. Could he have been sleep running ?

An even twenty runners did the full 50K (3 loops plus) led by Matt Woods for the guys (5:06) and Emily Ferguson for the ladies (5:56).

Thanks to Johanna Lockner and Bob Phillips for helping to organize the run, and also to Holly Franz and Bruce Tweedie for help marking the trail the day before. Bruce also slowed down his 3rd loop by taking down the ribbons to try to leave the trail cleaner than when we found it.

Although no aid or beverage assignments were given to participants, a fabulous variety of carbo-loaded foods and drinks filled the picnic tables at the start/finish area. Thank you to the runners for making this such an easy run to support and make happen.

An attempt is being made to give a time for those runners thought to have completed the entire distance. Another attempt is being made to give credit to those doing one or two loops, in alphabetical order.

Here goes :