A Snowy Halloweeny

Ok, so the Halloweeny did scare many of you Halloweenies.  We had 49 starters on a COLD & wet morning.  Shortly after these frightful runners took off on their snow-laden journey, wet, heavy snow created some problems for both the runners and aid station personnel.  First the snow falls from the branches, then a loud cracking . . . look out for the falling limbs/trees!  Occasionally runners pace would pick up to another gear to avoid peril.  Fortunately no one got a direct hit that was life threatening.  However my truck did.  Trees were falling at an alarming rate.  Many runners & volunteers would use the phrase "like a battle zone".  What a memorable Halloweeny!  Our esteemed president, Alan Gowen wrote a short story of his adventure [ed. note: should be posted on the Halloweeny website sometime soon].  We had 15 runners complete the entire course.  David Ploskonka "birthday boy" finished in 5:52.  Jackie Palmer is the only female that ran the entire course, finishing time 6:36.

We had the best group of volunteers a race director could ever ask for, especially under such adverse conditions.

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David PloskonkaJackie Palmer

David Ploskonka's Blog Post


Here's a link to my race report as well, which includes some great video of the snowy trails (and a couple of falling branch near misses!). Enjoy.