Redeye 50km - 2012 Report and Results

by Gary Knipling


The 1st of 2012 was a good one for those trail runners who made it to the 16th annual Redeye 50K run in Prince William Park on Sunday. None of the original Team Slug members were in attendance this year, but the craziness that they started in 1997 has lingered on. Even the National Park Service considers this an event now, having required a special permit the past two years. Over 100 runners showed up on a pleasant winter day to take in at least one of the 9.82 mile “Redeye loops.”


The weather wasn’t as warm as 2005 , the Redeye Beach year, but many runners were in short sleeves by early afternoon during their loops.


Appreciation is extended to helpers Johanna Lockner for marking the course (intentionally sparse) at just turns and trail junctions the day before, and to Bob Phillips for guiding the participants on the unmarked one-and-a-half mile section before getting back on track for the “loops”. Although blue flagging was “our” marking system, sometime between Saturday morning and our Sunday event a white-flour misdirection arrow was spread on the ground at one of our turns (for another event?). No real harm done by the misdirection except some runners missing out on a good climb up Pyrite Mine Road and missing out on about ½ mile of ‘’our loop”. A good Samaritan (reported to be Tracy ?) had scratched it out by the time I saw it after most had gone by the first time.


Just about one-fourth of the starters completed all three loops for the 50K distance. There were many other versions of the one or two loop options, which made for interesting documentation of distances and times. To the runners: only YOU know (or care) what actual distance or time you did.


As usual, there was more food and drink than could be consumed. And, with no preplanning or assignments, all of the food groups (mostly junk) were represented. I heard of some rare delicacies such as chocolate-covered-almond-encrusted bacon, Scottish eggs, and candy-cane oreos, but there was also just good chips and coke. THANK YOU to each of you for bringing more than your share.


Other random comments:


Thank you to the Daves – Robertson and Snipes – for hanging out at the S/F area, and moving my and Quatro’s cars that were parked illegally when Ranger Ken came by a-checking. There was also just enough distraction at this time for Snipes to discreetly place one of the Quivey’s post-run beverage containers into an opaque bag.  When Colonel Quivey (ret.) finished his second loop, he was initially disgruntled about his stolen stash; but was happily reunited when it was found in the brown bag under the table.


Someone (not us) had blown all of the leaves off a half-mile section of trail about mid loop.  It wasn’t exactly the red carpet treatment, but it was a nice treat.


As promised, the blue ribbons were down during the 3rd loop for many of the runners. A big thank you to the Gaudettes, Linda & Dave, for giving up their 50K PR’s to take down the ribbons on their final loop. They were so neat about it that most of the ribbons were salvaged by Tom Green and Smitty to be recycled for Nelson’s 50K  by our Maryland running brethren this Saturday the 7th. Now that is being “green” (with blue) to the ultimate.


The last runners were off the course well before sunset and the good General, Bob Gaylord, was part of the “sweep Team” of  Toni Aurilio, Kelley Fitzsimmons, and Bob himself. The Team joined Johanna, Snipes and Quatro to distribute unopened aid (for later events), cleaned all the tables, picked up left items, and departed with the Park cleaner (hopefully) than we found it.


An attempt is being made to list the results, but mostly for the true hardcore finishers. Most of the other runners used a loop or two as an excuse to get to the Redeye party. Happy 2012 to All in VHTRC Land.  

Redeye 50K Results (pretty close?)

Josh Alexander            4:39
Katherine Himes         5:02
Ryan Nebel                   5:34
Selena Smart                5:35
Patrick McGlade          5:35
Andrew Simpson         5:39
Robert Towne               5:45
Mark Lofquist                6:22
Peihan Orestes             6:25
Siobhan Leonardis       6:31
John Leonardis              6:31
Jason Schwartz               6:34
Linda Gaudette               6:36
Dave Gaudette                6:38
Mark Kahler                    6:41
Paul Amman                    6:44
Gilbert Gray                     6:44
Dave Pinnick                   6:55
John Stacy                        6:57
Courtnye Nestor            7:04
Paul Crickard                  7:04
Jessie Conradie              7:06
Farouk Elkassed            7:06
Vickie Kendall                7:06
Toni Aurilio                    7:46
Kelley Fitzsimmons     7:46
Bob Gaylord                   7:46

Redeye 2 - Loop Runners ~ 22 miles  (sort of in order?) 

Alex Kahl
Adam Matheson
Drew Watson
Jeff Best
Joe Schramka
Bob Cooper
Antoinette Landragin
Rod Brana
Phil Rice
Kevin McCall
John Barber
Marty Lindemann
Diane Behm
Pete Pontzer
Tracy Dahl
Keith Knipling
Quatro Hubbard
Kirstin Corris
Tony Studer
Larry Bartlett
Bill Turrentine
Steve Mabeus
Mark Prescott
Steve Gould
Denise Coll
Dave Quivey
JoAnne Studer
Larry Huffman
Bob Phillips
Tom Green
Jen Page
Gaynor Bourgeois
Sara Davidson
Marti Kovener
Megan McClure
Maria Bertacchi
Charlie Miracle
Stephanie Danahy
Carline Williams
Keith Hosman
Ed Walsh
Jill Quivey
Johanna Lockner
Rhonda Stricklett
Holly Franz
Lidia Baca
Ed Demoney

Redeye 1 – Loop Runners  ~12 miles  (the rest of the pack in very little order and with a couple names left out?)

Rich Milner
Dave Snipes
Mike Campbell
Jen Jacobs
Deb Shaffer
Sterling Deck
Abe Gilman
Barry Kreisa
Amir Moore
Christopher Robbins
Megan Stegemiller
Max Alvarado
Smitty Smith
Tom Corris
Scott Crabb
Pam Koleck
Linda Wack
Becky Hawkins
Beni Hawkins
Rob Colenso
Debbie Daughtry
Melanie Sutherland
Mike Sutherland
Dan Leonardis
Heather Alden
Rick Diecchio
Cathy Kovacic
Dave Yeakel
Kari Anderson
Bob Anderson
Jeff Nicholson
Regina Nuzzo
Karen Quinn
Bunny Runyan
Luanne Turrentine