Mitchell soars at Skyrunner race

Race Report
Birgit Mitchell places 4th woman in the Andorra Ultra Trail Mític 112 km race on July 11-13.

VHTRC at Bryce Canyon Ultras 100 Mile

Race Report
VHTRC at scenic Bryce Canyon Ultras 100 mile run on June 14-15. Paul Encarnación reports.

Daigeaun, Dempsey deliver at OSS/CIA 50

Race Report
Sleep deprivation and navigating trails in the wee hours weren’t enough to stop Happy Trails runners Michael Daigeaun and Stephanie Dempsey, who claimed victory at the OSS/CIA 50-Mile Night Run, held June 14-15 at Prince William Forest Park. Rob Colenso reports.

. . . And Old Dominion Today

The 36th Old Dominion 100 was held on June 7-8, 2014.

Old Dominion in the Beginning

Race Report
Read about the beginning of the second oldest 100 mile run.

Gray Completes the Peak Races 200 Mile Ultra

Race Report
Some research says that running 200 miles is easier on your body than running 100 miles. Gilbert Gray seems to provide a case in point.

Andrish and Schmidt Set Record at Holy Cowan's Gap 50km

Run Report
Read Alan Gowen's report from the Holy Cowan's Gap 50km. Yet another event that people seem to love to hate!

Meltzer, Shartel, and the Weather Star at MMT

Run Report
It was quite a weekend. Read about the 20th MMT.

Capon Valley 50K: The running of the lemmings

Race Report
Capon Valley 50K has a reputation as a sometimes-tough-to-navigate course, but the 2014 edition of the race set a new standard for wrong turns, with nearly the entire field missing a key turn between the start and the first aid station. Rob Colenso reports.

VHTRC Names Scholarship for Debbie

Club News
The VHTRC will name a scholarship for Debbie Morrin-Nordlund and make a donation in her memory.