Potomac Heritage Results

Potomac Heritage 50K 2016

Thanks to all who participated in the 2016 version of the Potomac Heritage 50k! Special thanks go out to numerous volunteers including Amy and Steve Platt, who have captained Aid Station 1 every year since the inception of the current version of the event.  Also thanks to Paul Crickard, Mario Raymond, and Charlie Miracle, who stepped up to captain the other aid stations, Michele Harmon for bringing back Break Dancing, Kirstin Corris for course marking, and Dave Herring for volunteering to do anything and everything all day long. There were many other volunteers who stepped up and made this event possible.

It was great to see so many veterans and rookies navigating the course. Veterans Rebecca and James Moore found the most creative route to the finish, checking in at alternating aid stations and the finish to complete some randomly calculated number of miles.  They made a perfectly timed arrival to capture peak party hours.

People have begun to figure out that the party is raging at the start/finish by around noon even though no official finishers arrived until almost 1PM.  The first finishers of the entire 50k distance were Freddy Mondale and local WUS favorite Joey Cohen. Both stopped to earn bonus points and earned exactly the same number to solidify the tie.  Jonathan Gowen was the next finisher. Gaynor Bourgeois was the first female finisher.  She has finished about 12 times and has now been the first female two out of twelve.  Congrats also to Kenneth Swab, who was crowned with the highly coveted title of Break Dancing King!

As the party died down, co-director Doug Sullivan took advantage of tired and impaired runners by challenging them to carry heavy old radiators from the garage down to the basement. Many bonus points were earned for these activities, but none of them were ever recorded because no one can remember who was still involved at that point in the party.   

We outsourced the results computations this year.  Thus, all of your email corrections to the interesting results that you recorded for yourselves likely never made it into the final computations.  Nonetheless, congrats to all who recorded any miles whatsoever and managed to find the finish!

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