Hashawha Hills 50km 2018 Report

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Whereas some races seem to be described as muddy with a tone of resentment, runners at Hashawha Hills seem to embrace the mud that invariably becomes part of the story.  And as the ninth running of The Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run proved once again the story is really about so much more than the mud.

On February 24, 2018, the traditional last Saturday in February date, 108 runners toed the line under threatening skies and mild, at least for February, temperatures.  The trail conditions were really quite good for the first couple of hours, but soon after the clouds turned to rain, the mud made its appearance.  Fortunately most of the trails offered good footing all day and runner’s spirits were high as they got to experience some changes to the famous “out and back” section, skirting along the edge of cliff tops, and going hand over hand using a knotted rope to pull themselves up a new short but breathtakingly steep trail section.

Adam Watkins and Dustin Campion fought it out at the front of the pack, with Adam finally pulling ahead for the win in 4:19:21.  Siobhan Leonardis held the lead over Sarah Mikalauskas on the two loop course until within a mile of the finish Siobhan went off course allowing Sarah, who had been running strong all day long, to move to the front taking the win in 5:15:41.  This was Sarah’s second win at Hashawha Hills, having bested the field once before in 2016. Sarah is our only two time winner.

At a time when, due to injury I was unable to shoulder my share of the load, generous friends pitched in, volunteering to do everything there was to be done.  From trail marking to sweeping the course, timing to post race food prep, manning The Famous Aid Station, and everything from setting up to cleaning up, the volunteers who made sure everything was taken care went above and beyond, and deserve heartfelt thanks.  It’s always it’s good to have friends!

All who finished the race received one of our famous Hashawha Hills mugs along with hot food and tall tales inside the nature center.

What do you get for an entry fee of $19.25?  Coffee and cookies during the pre race inside the warm nature center.  Aid stations second to none.  An easy to follow course of trails, forest roads, open fields, plenty of hills and of course that stream crossing, and now that rope thing, as well as  split second timing, a hot meal at the finish, and our trademark handmade mugs.

This race produced a profit for the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club.  Therefore, we’re still not sure runners are getting their money’s worth, and so we will stick with our tradition of lowering the entry fee every year.

Please join us for the tenth anniversary running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run to be held on February 23, 2019.  The entry fee will be a just plain preposterous $19.15.

Happy Trails!
Alan Gowen
Race Director, Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run