Hashawha Hills 50km 2020 Report

2020 Results

The Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run is well known as a great race.  But it is more than that.  It is never ending hills, and over-the-top course marking.  It is The Famous Aid Station.  It is the volunteers. It is variable late February weather that has given us ice, snow, thunder storms, sleet and cold wind.  It is an incredible value.  It is that fabulous finisher’s mug.  And it is mud.

Photo of Race WinnerBut finally after 10 years of mud, Mother Nature upped her game and delivered a perfect day.  Under mostly sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the upper twenties, the famous mud remained frozen while at the same time providing temperatures that allowed runners to enjoy this perfect day.

Runners took advantage of these perfect conditions right from the start.  And the racing at the front was incredible.  Right from the gun Stefano Ruzza and Paul Jacobs had the hammer down as they ran off the front battling for the lead. After an epic battle trading the lead back and forth uncountable times all day long, Stefano was in the lead at the finish, crossing the line in 3:47:21, a mere 22 seconds ahead of Paul. This back and forth battle produced the second and third fastest times ever run at Hashawha Hills.

Photo of female winnerWhereas the race for the women maybe wasn’t as dramatic, it produced a great win for Kristen Serrafin.  Course record holder Sheila Vibert was in 4th place overall at the half way point of the race, but in the second half Kristen moved up steadily and with 5 miles to go passed Sheila  for the win crossing the line in 4:43:38.

Another highlight of the day came when Carole Williamson and Alan Lagon became the first Hashawha Hills ten time finishers and in recognition of their accomplishment, were  presented with unique handmade urns that matched their new mugs.

Thanks to the all the runners who showed respect for our unique venue and supported all our volunteers.

The Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run has a core group of friends who year after year come together, take ownership of our race, and make it the very special and successful event that it is.  Without their passion for our run, Hashawha Hills would be just another run instead of the sparkling gem that it is.

This race produced a profit for the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club.  Therefore, we’re still not sure runners are getting their money’s worth, and so we will stick with our tradition of lowering the entry fee every year as we attempt the impossible.

Please join us for the Twelfth anniversary running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run to be held on February 27, 2021.  The entry fee will be a ludicrous $18.95.

Happy Trails!
Alan Gowen
Race Director, Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run

Photo of first two finishers

2020 Results:

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