2011 Awards results

The rolls of film that were shot at the Awards party on Saturday night, February 18, have finally been processed, the double prints are back from Ritz Camera, and they are ready to be shared.  So seems as good a time as any to also share the names of the winners of the 2011 VHTRC trailrunning awards!


Congratulations to all the nominees, and to the following award winners:

Female Runner of the Year: Ragan Petrie & Eva Pastlakova (tie)

Male Runner of the Year: David Snipes

Female Trailrunning Performance: Eva Pastalkova

Male Trailrunning Performance: Matt Woods

Most Improved Female Runner: Ragan Petrie

Most Improved Male Runner: Rob Colenso

Club Ambassador: Doug Sullivan

Next Year I'm Not Doing Anything Stupid award - Stephanie Wilson

List of nominations for the 2011 awards

Michele Harmon's pics | Quatro's pics