VHTRC Listserv

The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club has an e-mail discussion group about the club and trail running in the DC area. You are welcome to participate, even if you are not a member of the club. The "Listserv" is not a general discussion forum about running. It focuses on our members, our area, and our events.

The VHTRC list is not particularly active though it does have its busy days. It won't clog your inbox. The listserv is a vehicle to spread the word about a training run or other relevant issue. There were over 900 members of the list as of January 2014.

The list is hosted through Yahoo Groups. It's free to us, but there is some advertising. The advertising isn't bad--you can ignore it if you want. The sign-up process is pretty simple. You can read messages from the list in one of three ways. You can receive each message individually in your e-mail box, you can receive a digest of all the day's messages in one daily e-mail, or you can go to the Yahoo Groups site and read messages on the Web. The volume of messages will probably be low enough to allow most people to have each message sent individually.

After you join the list, you may post messages by sending an e-mail to vhtrc@yahoogroups.com. Remember, you are sending a message to everyone on the list when you do that!

NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS -- Please Read! Our list is a bit different than others. We seek to be a discussion among friends about trail running. We welcome anyone to join the list. We would prefer, however, that when you join the list, you get the feel of it before you make your first post.

When you join the list, your first message will go to the list moderator for approval. This prevents spam. We have also adopted a rule that, unless you contact the list moderator privately ahead of time and obtain an exception, we will not approve any post to the list that you make within 10 days of your joining the list. Please get a feel for the list before you make a post. [This rule does not apply to current list members who just change e-mail addresses.]

Assuming your first message is approved, your future postings will not be moderated. While it is ok for active members of the list to point out trail running opportunities to other members, the list does not welcome "advertisements" for runs, especially those not on trails. If it appears that you joined the list for the sole purpose of sending an announcement about a non-trail race, even one for a "good cause," we will likely not approve the message.

Messages you receive from this list will bear a subject that begins with "[vhtrc]." You may set up a "rule" easily in your e-mail reader to send all messages containing "[vhtrc]" in the subject field to a separate folder so as not to clutter your inbox.

Contact Anstr Davidson at anstr@vhtrc.org if you have questions about this list.

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