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The current format of the VHTRC club pages was developed in August 2009. Before that, club news was on the "News Page."  It was the practice then to move news items from the main page to an archive page for each year.  (Now that is done automatically in the Monthly archives you see to the right.)

Additionally, in the old days, we had a forum for longer posts by club members. 

Disclaimer: Before you take the links below, please remember that these pages are old. Many of the links from these pages are broken and the internal navigation is out of date.  The result is that your best way back here is probably with your browser's Back button or a browser bookmark that you have set up ahead of time.

We are not planning to fix all these broken links. We couldn't fix many of them if we wanted to.  But if you see a really stupid thing that can be fixed easily or that is so bad that it has to go away, please contact us.

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