Where's My Sticker?

The second running of Bur's Death March (more formally known as the Waterfall 50k, and now more notoriously known as the WTF50) went off without a hitch on Sunday January 15, 2017.  A link to the results can be found below.

A check of various runners data showed a range of distances from 30.7 miles through 31.4, with elevation gains from 6,863 feet through 8,415.  Any way you slice it, WTF50 looks like a fair mid-winter's challenge.

The weather forecast caused the postponement of Day One of the MLK Training Weekend in the Massanuttens.  That run, the Massanutten Training Academy Run #1, is rescheduled for Jan 28.  The WTF50 likely benefited from that postponement with a larger turnout of runners this Day Two run, and a much higher finishing percentage. Congrats to all who came out and got in their miles on Waterfall and in the Massanuttens!  


[Photograph of "King of the Waterfall" and second place 50k finisher, Kyle Lawrence, as he emerges from Waterfall onto Crisman Hollow Road.  Photograph courtesy of Angela Russell.  WTF50k sticker photograph courtesy of Travis Bertram.]