Join the VHTRC

Membership isn't required to participate in our events. To help decide if the VHTRC is for you and if we are the kind of people you want to run with on a regular basis, first join us in a training run or an informal event. If you think we're the cat's meow, send us your dues. But don't join the club just because you have done many of our events, or because you want to support our activities. Join the club because we are a group of people with whom you want to hang around, at least when you're running.

Membership is $15 per year.  There is a special rate for two runners living at the same address in some sort of "relationship." It's $15 for the first to join and $5 for each additional one and each person receives a separate membership listing.  There is no "family membership."  Each person must join separately.  You may also join for two years at double the one year rate.

We have become an electronic club. We no longer have a newsletter. We will not send you anything in the U.S. Mail. We communicate by the Web and e-mail. If you don't have access to the Web or e-mail, don't waste your $15.

To join the club, take the Join the VHTRC link on the lower left of a page.

Warning! If you just give money to one of the head honchos of the club and tell him to "take it for dues," he is very likely to buy beer with it and you will never receive any of the many benefits of membership. You are not a member of the club until you fill out the on-line application and pay on-line. There is no way to pay any other way.