The VHTRC's First Quarter Century

Club News
The club begins the celebration of its 25th year. See a flash from the past.

The Big Schloss 50K

Run Report
37 finishers at The Big Schloss 50K on Saturday October 24.

Pine to Pain

Race Report
A contingent of the VHTRC made their way out to Siskiyou Mountains Range in Southern Oregon for the Pine to Palm 100-miler, held on Sept 10-11. It turned out to be a tough weekend for the Blue Train. Erik Price has submitted his report.

Rosalie Demoney - RIP

Long time VHTRC friend, Rosalie Demoney has died.

I ♥ New York – and the Twisted Branch Trail

Race Report
Kathleen Cusick has submitted her report on the Twisted Branch Trail 100k, held on August 20 2016 in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

Trans Rockies -- the Perfect VHTRC Event

Race Report
Lots of beer. Lots of great views. Some tough climbs. And six days of just hanging out in the Colorado mountains. Trans Rockies seems tailor made for the VHTRC.

VHTRC Club President

Club News
Alan discusses the VHTRC president and, spoiler, the new one.

Entry Is Open for the Women's Half Marathon

Club News
The 24th VHTRC Women's Half Marathon will be Sept. 17, 2016, at Fountainhead Regional Park. Enter to run this challenging but friendly race beginning July 11. Tell your friends, and please consider volunteering if you won't be running.

Bethany Patterson finishes Western States as F7

Race Report
In temps that started in the 40s at the start in Squaw Valley and hit 100 degrees in the canyons, runners enjoyed clear skies and dusty, dry trail conditions.

More Rocks Dad?!?

Race Report
Last summer, one of my colleagues at the office took his sons to Zion, Moab, and Bryce on vacation. By the time that they arrived at Bryce, one of his sons was exasperated by dad's lame idea of a vacation, exclaiming "More rocks dad?!?"