MGM 50k 2016

In an attempt to get an early jump on our New Year's resolution to post more timely reports and results, we give you: The Maximus Gluteus Maximus 50km (from some time earlier this year).

Boxing Day Boyer's

Results for the 10th annual running of the Boyer's Furnace 40 miler have been posted.

VHTRC College Bowl Contest

Club News
The VHTRC college bowl contest is ready! Make your picks by Saturday, December 17 at noon.

Helen MacDermott Wins Football Contest

Club News
Many guys get chicked!

Potomac Heritage Results

Race Report
Kerry Owens has submitted the results and her report on the 2016 edition of the Potomac Heritage 50k, held on Sunday November 6.

The Rainy PB&J 50k

The results of the 2016 PB&J 50k race, held on October 1 on the trails of Prince William Forest Park, have been posted.

The VHTRC's First Quarter Century

Club News
The club begins the celebration of its 25th year. See a flash from the past.

The Big Schloss 50K

Run Report
37 finishers at The Big Schloss 50K on Saturday October 24.

Pine to Pain

Race Report
A contingent of the VHTRC made their way out to Siskiyou Mountains Range in Southern Oregon for the Pine to Palm 100-miler, held on Sept 10-11. It turned out to be a tough weekend for the Blue Train. Erik Price has submitted his report.

Rosalie Demoney - RIP

Long time VHTRC friend, Rosalie Demoney has died.