The Boyer's Furnace 40 Miler - Lucky #13

The Lucky 13th Edition of the Boyer's Furnace 40 miler featured amazing weather and a record number of starters and finishers. 60 racers toed the starting line, and 56 runners finished.  

Kelly MacDonald blew away the women’s record.  She finished in 7:56, besting the previous record that was set by Amy Sproston (8:19) in 2007. Kathleen Cusick was close behind Kelly, also breaking the old record with a nice time of 8:07. Relative newcomer Emily Warner closed well to finish in third in 9:06.  

After separating from Chris Moen somewhere in those first 17 miles on the eastern ridge of the Massanuttens, Chris Moore held a constant lead over a talented field for the entire race. Chris is this year’s men’s champion, finishing in 7:07.  Aaron Ellison (7:22) and Ryan Quinnelly (7:24) finished second and third, respectively.  Aaron Schwartzbard still holds the course and event record (6:47), set in 2007. 

Best Blood goes to Michael Roberts. Sadly, we have no picture to show but trust me, he banged himself up in his introduction to the Massanutten Rocks. Jamey Brumsey was a close runner-up (see photo).  Richard Sisson deserves an honorable mention, after Superman-ing into shin-deep water that was washing over the Moreland Gap Road on the descent into the finish. Richard was happy to get to the finish and quickly get out of his thorougly drenched clothes so soon after his

We got super lucky with the weather this year.  All-day rain on Friday gave way to sunshine and highs of 55 degrees on Saturday.  Runners weren’t in the clear, though. Those new to the Massanutten Mountain trails found landmines in the leaf-covered rocks.  Despite the beautiful skies and moderate temperatures for late December, record-setting rains in 2018 (and in particular that full day of steady run on the day before the race) led to high water conditions and the inevitable wet feet. Two portions of the course were particularly noteworthy (notorious?): the Veach Gap trail (aka that "d*****d yellow trail” -- starting at mile 16) and the final stretch coming down Moreland Gap Road back to the Camp Roosevelt finish.  

This race would not have been such a success without the support of the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, and a stellar turnout of rock star volunteers. This year’s volunteers were Sheila Veibert (Veach Captain, and provider of wontons and pizza bites,), Nick Neakrease, Sam Moore, Ellen Hart, PJ Vaughn (who finished 3 200-milers this year!), Kirk Masterson (professional photos at Veach Gap), Homer Komthirath, Erin Altemos (the sweep extraodinaire), Stephen Wancowicz; Tony Escobar (Woodstock captain) and his amazing wife Natalie (who we can thank for the delicious mid-race bacon and quesadillas), Tracey and Larry Thibodeau, Susan Gardner, Dan Aghdam (Edinburg captain, and suppier of hot tater tots, and lots of refreshing bourbon), Guy Towler (rover, with the all-day endurance you would expect from a multi-time TWOT finisher), Arif Khazi (rookie of the year volunteer, finish line Furbutt Cafe chef/captain, creator of amazing sausage tortellini soup and haute cuisine quesadillas, and provider of the finish-line sound system), Mike and Cathy Hart (finish line times and professional pics), and the legendary Q (don’t get me started listing everything he did).  Dan Aghdam and Quatro Hubbard continue to be the best mentors ever for the newbie RD. Quatro in particular oversaw every single step of the operation. Andy Peterson, Arif, Ellen and PJ were responsible for the after-race bonfire party zone.

The 14th annual Boyer's Furnace 40-miler will take place on Saturday, December 28, 2019. Entry will open on November 18, 2019. Mark your calendars now!

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