Andiamo W&OD 45 Mile Run

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Date: October 8, 2011
Start: 7:30 am in Purcellville, Virginia
Finish: by 6:30 pm in Arlington, Virginia
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The Andiamo Run is a low-key event which spans the entire W&OD Railroad Regional Park -- a generally flat, paved trail on an abandoned railroad bed. The trail is approximately 45 miles long. It is used by runners, walkers, skaters, bicyclists, horses, and people walking their dogs. For most of the way, there is a parallel equestrian trail (dirt), which runners are welcome to use.


The Andiamo is the brainchild of Dave Moruzzi, who nurtured it for five years before turning it over to the VHTRC. As Dave would remind you, andiamo means "let's go" in Italian.


THE START: The run starts at 7:30 in Purcellville, which is about 10 miles west of Leesburg. The finish is in Shirlington near the intersection of I-395 and Glebe Road. At 5:45 a.m. (i.e., before the run), we will provide transportation from the finish to the start, to those who enter before September 26 and request such transportation. (This is also the date that the entry fee goes up.) We will neither help nor feel sorry for those looking for rides back to Purcellville after the event. If you drop out of the run before the finish, you will be responsible for your transportation. All runners should carry some cash to meet unforeseen transportation needs.


The VHTRC will provide aid at approximately 6.5 miles (Clark’s Gap, near marker 38.5), at approximately 10.5 miles (eastern Leesburg at Sycolin Road, near marker 33.5), and at approximately 21 miles (pedestrian bridge over Rte 28, near marker 24), as well as light refreshments at the finish. ALL OTHER AID WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RUNNER. There are ample water fountains and convenience stores along the route. In some years, we have had "surprise" aid by club members, and some runners may have crews that can help other runners, too. But, in general, runners should plan to be self-supporting.


All finishers will receive a small Andiamo finisher's memento.


Entry: Entry is online.  The entry fee is $15 before October 1 when it goes up to $20.  Start entry process | Current list of entrants


Directions to Finish: The finish is in Shirlington, a locale of Arlington County, Virginia, noted for its street of restaurants. If southbound on I-395 (going from DC) take Exit 7 for Glebe Road/Shirlington. Take the Shirlington turn which is the second turn off the exit. At the signal, turn right; the finish is at the next signal (Shirlington Road and Four Mile Run Drive). If northbound on I-395 (heading toward DC) take Exit 6 (Shirlington). The finish, like the start, is understated – there is a small fenced area with some information signs about the history of the area. (The finish is the end of the asphalt, where the trail enters the fenced area. The pay phone which was the finish line is gone. Only real old-timers will remember the phone anyway.)


Directions to Start: Take Route 7 west past Leesburg. (Take the Dulles Toll Road and the Greenway to get to Route 7 at Leesburg.) As you approach Purcellville take Business 7 into town (leave 7 at route 287). Go west through Purcellville on Main Street. Turn right on 21st Street just past the gun store with the cannon out front. Park in town parking lot just past the small used car dealer two blocks up on the left. The trailhead (and run start) is just up the road on the right, behind the yellow, renovated train station. BE QUIET. IT'S EARLY SATURDAY MORNING! (Check out the map [pdf] on the Purcellville site.)


Rules: First, you must comply with all of the rules of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA). You must comply with all traffic signs and signals. Don't relieve yourself in public view. (The restrooms at the start have sometimes been open, but don't count on it. There is a small park with toilets near the finish. There are other restrooms available along the trail or close by; the trail guidebook noted in Crew Instructions indicates available facilities.)


On the trail, you must be prepared for regular Saturday activity by other trail users. You will be out there with everyone else and there will be no special runner privileges. Runners must comply with traffic signals and laws applying to pedestrians. Several bad road crossings now have bridges but some still require crossing streets with heavy traffic. Generally, traffic is not a problem. There will be no special measures in dealing with traffic.


You are welcome to run on the parallel unpaved equestrian trail as much or as little as you desire. Horses are rarely present, but runners must announce their presence if coming up behind a rider and must follow whatever directions the rider gives you (i.e., don’t sneak up on a horse!).


IF YOU DROP OUT, call [number TBD] and report this fact. At dusk, you must leave the trail wherever you are. If this happens to you, call to report you are quitting and then call a cab. Your entry fee does not include transportation if you drop out.


Remember, this is a low-key event. Don't expect anything out of this other than an interesting run through beautiful countryside. This is a paved multi-use path, not a trail.


Crew Instructions: While the trail roughly parallels Route 7, it is not always fast or easy to meet the trail from Route 7. We recommend a good local map for crews. The local AAA maps show the trail as far as Vienna. You can also order a map of the W&OD Trail from the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) to assist you in planning meeting points. (That link also has a very good online map.) Friends of the W&OD also provides a list of parking locations, along with trail history and other information. Trying to meet runners after Vienna (inside the beltway) will be complicated for all but long-time locals. Prepare to become lost!


For more information: If you have questions about the event, contact the run director, [TBD].  If you are interested in applying to direct this race in the future, please contact the VHTRC board.

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