Catherines FA 50km

View from Bird Knob

After 14 wonderful years as Catherines FA's director, Jeff Reed decided to pass on the torch. As such, Dan Aghdam took over as VHTRC's RD for this very difficult, hot, and awesome (you might not think that after you finish) event.

Following is a quick list of important items that you should know:

1. Race will be on July 22nd, 2017.
2. Race will start and end at 211 East parking lot (near Route 340, west of Luray).
3. Start time will be 7:00 am
4. The course changed in 2015 from the original race course. Please refer to the "Course Map and Elevation Chart" page for details.
5. There will be 6 Aid Stations. Aid stations 1, 2, 5, and 6 will be fully stocked. Aid stations 3 and 4 will have water only.
6. All runners who enter the race will have to stay on the course. If you choose to take a different path you are required to drop out of the race at an AS and you must let the AS Captain know that you are dropping out. From that point on you are on your own.
7. As usual we will have a great party at the end.
8. Entry will open through the VHTRC's online signup system on May 31. If the limit of 75 is met, then a wait list will be built.
9. Each entrant will receive an email with reference to the items s/he needs to bring for the aid stations.

2016 Volunteers

  • Maria Bertacchi
  • Quatro Hubbard
  • Jeff Reed
  • Brian McNeill
  • Sarah Curtis
  • Tom Corris
  • Kirstin Corris
  • Jayme Lyn
  • Bernadette Kilcer
  • Michael Hart
  • Andy Peterson
  • Philip Yeager
  • Candice Yeager
  • Rob Tidwell & Kids
  • Dan Rose
  • Jesse Fuller
  • Daisy Weill
  • Ed Walsh
  • Kevin Bligan
  • Trevor Baine
  • Danny Aghdam
  • Laura Aghdam