Catherine's FA 50km - About

Catherine's Furnace

Catherines FA 50k has been going on, more or less, since 2001. It was originally founded by Peyton Robinson and Jeff Reed. Over the years it has become one of the most popular events for local VHTRC runners, and sometimes for not so local Ultrarunners. This is mostly due to the course, which is beautiful and difficult; to the friendly atmosphere; and to the awesome trail party that usually forms in the 211 East Parking Lot at the start/finish.

The course itself totals just under 50k, but nobody has ever complained about it being too short. Much of the course is very runnable, only to have all that running kick you in the butt later. You get to navigate over rocky climbs, smooth wooded trails, mossy creek beds, great overlooks, and well-maintained dirt roads, while potentially encountering goats, bears, snakes, deer, Kniplings, and other wildlife. What more could you ask?

It should also be noted that over the years many individuals have contributed towards making this event a possibility. Jeff Reed and Dan Aghdam would like to specially thank Peyton Robinson, Tom Corris, Bill "Van Animal" Van Antwerp, Linda Wack, Vicki Kendall, Dave Yeakel, Quatro Hubbard, Mike Bur, and Brian McNeil among many, many others, without whom this event would not have happened or lasted over the years. Thank you.