Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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This will be the home of 2016 live updates. It is currently being updated for the event. Any data here now is either old or test. Ignore it for now.

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Splits and Results

Splits - runners' times of arrival at each aid station
Results - detailed results
Out of Race - Did not Start and Did not Finish
Section Times - Historical Fastest/Average/Slowest times between each aid station
Runners - Up to date Solo and VHTRC membership

Leader Board

Last Updated: 16:10:40, May 17 2015 (EDT)
Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
Leader Board
1Brian Rusiecki1623:3619:36:25
2Jason Lantz1601:1621:16:43
3Joan Roch1602:1322:13:22
4Adam Casseday1602:5722:57:00
5Denis Cook1603:4823:48:54
6Tim Toogood1603:5623:56:46
7Kathleen Cusick1604:3124:31:06
8James Van Orman1604:3724:37:59
9Amy Rusiecki1605:4325:43:52
10Guillermo E Ayala1605:4525:45:02
11Conrado Bermudez1605:4525:45:03
12Keith Knipling1606:1826:18:00
13Tim ODonnell1606:4826:48:45
14Megan McGrath1606:5126:51:56
15Jake Rankinen1606:5126:51:57
16Brenden Lingg1607:1027:10:32
17Bryson Smith1607:3327:33:24
18Levi Mason1607:3527:35:15
19Mike Siudy1607:3627:36:09
20Randy Yasenchak1607:4027:40:05
21Matt Banning1607:5127:51:59
22Jared Fetterolf1608:0528:05:24
23Frederic Giguere1608:1228:12:36
24Pierre Lequient1608:1228:12:36
25Nicklaus Combs1608:1428:14:23
26Rande Brown1608:1628:16:54
27Christopher Dempsey1608:3028:30:46
28Brian Vanderheiden1608:3428:34:06
29Michael Niles1608:3928:39:20
30Jason Brady1608:4128:41:44
31Heath Harris1608:5028:50:49
32Angela Russell1608:5728:57:25
33Josh Gibbins1609:3129:31:02
34Jason Friedman1609:3129:31:03
35Patrick Heine1609:3529:35:41
36Dana Sanford1609:4729:47:51
37Dan Rogers1609:4729:47:52
38Bob Luther1609:5629:56:47
39Jim Harris1609:5729:57:29
40Chris McIntosh1610:1530:15:16
41Brian O'Connor1610:1730:17:23
42David Robart1610:1730:17:23
43Susan Donnelly1610:1930:19:11
44Jeff Smith1610:3530:35:40
45Aaron Ellison1610:3930:39:46
46Christopher Agbay1610:5130:51:28
47Thomas Haine1610:5330:53:23
48John Waite1610:5330:53:47
49Kevin McNamara1611:0231:02:23
50David Bidler1611:1131:11:26
51KC Guevara1611:1231:12:07
52Nelson Hernandez1611:1731:17:41
53Ed Rangel1611:1931:19:54
54Harry Behm1611:2131:21:28
55Rhonda Stricklett1611:2131:21:40
56Warren Spradlin1611:5131:51:18
57Philip Whitten1612:0532:05:34
58Kevin Mullen1612:1232:12:00
59Eric McGlinchey1612:2432:24:40
60Levi Rizk1612:2432:24:57
61Paul Godfrey1612:2632:26:48
62Mike Maher1612:3232:32:52
63Olivier Jacqueau1612:3832:38:10
64Jesse Fuller1612:3932:39:00
65Thomas Chobot1612:4132:41:05
66Otto Lam1612:4132:41:10
67Max Alvarado1613:0233:02:09
68Kari Brown1613:0333:03:34
69Greg Trapp1613:0333:03:34
70John W. Taylor1613:0633:06:43
71Gary Maier1613:0833:08:30
72Pedro Soto1613:3033:30:12
73Rachel Nypaver1613:3233:32:10
74John Garneski1613:3833:38:33
75Marie Garmat1613:3933:39:11
76Michael Schafer1613:4133:41:30
77Richard Collins1613:4233:42:18
78Sanderson Mittnacht1613:4333:43:10
79Russell Dresher1613:5233:52:18
80Jim Treece1613:5733:57:03
81Lisa Johnston1613:5733:57:37
82Alan Johnson1613:5733:57:52
83Tom Page1613:5933:59:38
84Ernesto Casarez1614:1134:11:40
85Jason Maruccio1614:1334:13:59
86Roy Heger1614:1834:18:18
87Jeff Landon1614:2034:20:24
88Timothy Ellis1614:2534:25:04
89Gary Knipling1614:2534:25:33
90John Godinet1614:2634:26:43
91Larry Huffman1614:3134:31:59
92Jeff Pence1614:3534:35:07
93Kelly Fletcher1614:3734:37:02
94Steve Bodnar1614:4134:41:08
95Gene Meade1614:4134:41:49
96Martin Lowenfish1614:4234:42:59
97Michael Jury1614:4634:46:45
98John Peabody1614:4734:47:43
99Laney Baris1614:5334:53:51
100Ron Ely1614:5434:54:15
101Dani Seiss1614:5434:54:39
102Joseph Flynn1614:5834:58:02
103Rob Tidwell1615:0135:01:35
104Christine Downey1615:0235:02:25
105Melissa Woods1615:0235:02:31
106Allan Holtz1615:0535:05:49
107Kun Li1615:0635:06:04
108Doug Massengale1615:0635:06:44
109James Lee1615:0635:06:57
110Ron Kappus1615:1035:10:21
111Sean Lawler1615:3135:31:04
112Robert Gaylord1615:3435:34:16
113Shelly Cable1615:3535:35:56
114Leonardo Guerra Ribeiro1615:4235:42:42
115Nick Yeates1615:4435:44:11
116Alan Gowen1615:4635:46:09
117Katie Raezer1615:4835:48:38
118Sherman Criner1615:5735:57:27
119Alvin Lee1615:5735:57:30
120Michelle Bichsel1615:5735:57:42
121Martin Rouillard1402:14dnf
122Julian Vicente1403:04dnf
123John Rodrigue1411:20dnf
124David Frazier1422:55dnf
125Eva Pastalkova1423:57dnf
126Adam Schwartz-Lowe1322:22dnf
127Eric Harris1202:23dnf
128James Fogg1204:12dnf
129Matthew Vahey1206:24dnf
130Jacob Boopalan1206:40dnf
131Richard McCleary1207:20dnf
132John Dennis1221:03dnf
133Jay Finkle1100:45dnf
134John Fitz1101:16dnf
135Paul Lefelhocz1101:39dnf
136Allen Phillips1102:46dnf
137Michael Samuels1102:48dnf
138Erin Brown1103:30dnf
139Michael Hannon1103:43dnf
140Matthew Bugin1120:55dnf
141Evan Fisher1121:46dnf
142Larry Ferguson1000:12dnf
143Yuki Negoro1000:55dnf
144Dan Lopata1000:58dnf
145Ed Walsh1001:15dnf
146Dave Yeakel Jr1001:48dnf
147Ed Kirk1002:04dnf
148Scott Hodukavich1002:05dnf
149Vincent Swendsen1002:05dnf
150Adam Standley1019:50dnf
151Ryan O'Dell1020:59dnf
152Chris Pabian1021:13dnf
153Jack Kurisky1022:15dnf
154Thomas Waldron1022:15dnf
155Jonathan Faryadi1022:22dnf
156Scott Lee1022:28dnf
157Dan Aghdam1023:01dnf
158Ivars Ragainis1023:02dnf
159Philip Westlake1023:12dnf
160Peter Daly1023:25dnf
161Cherry Grassi1023:56dnf
162David Galloway917:31dnf
163Ronald Green917:38dnf
164Rich Darke918:10dnf
165Dan Lehmann918:10dnf
166David Peterman918:31dnf
167John Shepard918:53dnf
168Charles Leonard918:59dnf
169Euihwa Lee919:01dnf
170Gregory Holden919:12dnf
171Joanne Fenninger919:25dnf
172Devin Blythe920:01dnf
173Andrew Anderson920:50dnf
174Yoshihiro Nozaki920:59dnf
175Robert Perry819:42dnf
176Tina Mowery819:49dnf
177Scott Martin820:00dnf
178Shihab Shamma820:00dnf
179Peter Josendale820:10dnf
180Tammie Wonning820:15dnf
181Kevin Hennessey712:51dnf
182Bob Anderson716:28dnf
183John Delcalzo717:11dnf
184James Blandford611:30dnf
185Ashley Lister611:49dnf
186Justin Peake615:03dnf
187Lesley Patrick615:41dnf
188Ray Hunley615:45dnf
189Scott Snyder616:02dnf
190Jeremy Waldrop511:25dnf
191Makoto Kitamura513:56dnf
192Ray Bovaird514:02dnf
193Dean Johnson412:10dnf
194Janessa Taylor307:40dnf
195Kenneth Eiszler308:47dnf
196Adam Matheson309:06dnf
197Kurt Luedke309:50dnf
198Bob Coyne207:37dnf
199Peter Riebling208:05dnf

What's the Weather Like?

Click for Luray, Virginia ForecastDon't forget the U.S. Weather Service page. It takes some getting used to, but it is very helpful.

See for Yourself     

This is for those who want to see it. During the daylight hours, you can see what the weather is. Sort of. Is it overcast, sunny, or raining?

1. View from the Blue Ridge: You can see a live view of the Massanutten Mountains from the Mountain View Web Cam in the Shenandoah National Park. (More about the camera.) The camera is not in the Massanuttens, but it is pointing west toward them. The most distant ridge is in West Virginia. The two ridges in front of that are the Massanuttens. If you look closely, you will see Kennedy Peak and Edinburg Gap. The start/finish is between those two landmarks. It is not visible. This camera is above 3,000 feet. The Massanuttens are 2,000 feet. Fog that the camera sees may not be replicated on the course. Explanation of the camera's image:
Web Cam Detail

2. View from Page Valley: This camera is south of Luray and points, we think, to the east -- the Blue Ridge. The Massanutten Mountain is behind the camera. This weather, however, should be similar to that at the race. Luray Weather Cam

MMT 2016 Live

Start: 4:00 a.m., May 14, 2016

Fort Valley Time Now 09:39:02
Time Since Start not race day
Sunrise/set on May 14 6:02/20:19


That's all, folks!

Run Info

The Updates

Sunday 16:05 There were 199 starters and 120 finishers. We will have much more information about the event up soon. Thanks to all who made this weekend so great, and congratulations to the runners who faced very tough conditions so well.

Sunday 14:16 Here is what our weather station got for the weekend:

Temp (at 14:15) 81.5° (89.8/59.4)

Humidity 74% (96/49)

Sunday 10:52 We put out a rain gauge. Over the weekend through this morning, we got .4 inch of rain. There were two good periods of rain and a few periods of drizzle.

Sunday 04:44 Kathleen Cusick survived to finish ahead of some very good women who were shooting for the win.

Sunday 00:19 Brian Rusiecki won his first MMT. He is a three-time winner of Bull Run Run.

Saturday 20:58 The sun has set. It is nice now.

Saturday 16:58 We have had about a half hour of rain here at headquarters. So far, 1/4 inch. It is not a very violent storm. Here, anyway.

Saturday 12:38 Yes, it is warm here. So far, no rain (at headquarters, anyway).

Saturday 10:23 The word her is that Eva Pastalkova is after Angela Shartel's record set last year. Eva is a few minutes ahead of Angela's pace at Elizabeth Furnace. If you want to follow it, the splits from last year are here:

Saturday 10:00 We don't have a radio at aid station 3, Woodstock. We should receive data from them by e-mail since they have cell access up there. But it will be delayed. Thus we have data from aid station 4 before 3.

Saturday 08:50 Jim Blandford, Jason Lantz, and Jared Fetterolf were leading at Edinburg Gap. Eva Pastalkova and Janessa Taylor were the leading women. We discovered another DNS. So there were 199 starters.

Saturday 04:25 Our next report will be about 9 or 10 am when we will have the times from Edinburg Gap, the first real aid station.

Saturday 04:23 The temperature and humidity numbers above come from a thermometer about 100 yards from the start/finish. The highs and lows should be during the race, not for the day.

Saturday 04:19 It was cool and humid at the start. There were 200 starters we think. (Three people did not check in, but they may have started. Eight people did not pick up their numbers.)

Saturday 02:35 It's cool at the start. Good luck to all!

Friday 20:03 Most people are checked in. The Solo list is updated. It rained a little, but not much. Up early in the morning!

Friday 17:37 One note. Camp Roosevelt will be closed to the public during the race. The aid station will be there, but parking may be tight. You can park in the dump station or in the horse parking lot east of Camp Roosevelt. Runners will be in both places. Be careful!

Friday 13:50 That temperature is real. It's a great day to sit under a tree and drink beer!

Friday 13:23 It is beautiful here now. Not sure how long it will last. We are set up. The temperature on this page is the temp here. We should be able to update it frequently.

Thursday 18:08 Bring bug spray! If you want to worry about something, the temperature is probably going to be a bigger problem than the rain.

Here are a points you should remember:

Our Plans

We will be radio headquaters near, but not at, the finish line. We may have Internet access where we will be. We hope that the walk to upload data that we had to make in past years will again not be necessary this year.

We hope to have our first update by noon on Saturday. That should confirm who has started and should have the results from the first major aid station at Edinburg Gap, 12.1 miles. Then we will try to upload as often as we can.

We have learned there is much room for error. Most of our information will be accurate. Some will not be.

If you have a question or want to understand the process better, check out the frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the updates, let us know. Late at night, it helps to know someone is out there! You can reach us at

by Anstr Davidson

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