Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Splits and Results

Splits - runners' times of arrival at each aid station
Results - detailed results
Out of Race - Did not Start and Did not Finish
Section Times - Historical Fastest/Average/Slowest times between each aid station
Runners - Up to date Solo and VHTRC membership

Leader Board

Last Updated: 19:47:32, May 15 2017 (EDT)
Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
Leader Board
1Bradley Revenis1622:5018:50:25
2Paul Jacobs1623:3619:36:35
3Jason Lantz1600:1920:19:34
4David Frazier1600:3320:33:40
5Dan Fogg1600:4220:42:26
6Tim ODonnell1601:0521:05:33
7Seth Kelly1601:5021:50:33
8Nick Pedatella1602:1322:13:32
9Will Kuper1602:3122:31:37
10Xavier Berruel1602:4222:42:21
11Keith Knipling1602:4222:42:21
12Mark Frey1602:4422:44:00
13William Connell1603:0623:06:32
14Patrick Heine1603:2023:20:34
15Brad Hinton1603:2423:24:30
16Peter Diak1603:3223:32:09
17Christopher Moore1603:3423:34:52
18Denis Cook1603:3723:37:12
19Jamie Hobbs1603:4123:41:31
20Kathleen Cusick1604:2224:22:09
21Eric Harris1604:2524:25:55
22Ken Niemimaa1605:0625:06:54
23Michael Dowdell1605:1325:13:37
24Conrado Bermudez1605:1525:15:16
25John Lehmann1605:1925:19:52
26David Peterman1605:4325:43:35
27Benoit Beaupre1605:5325:53:59
28Pierre Lequient1605:5325:53:59
29Hyun Chang Chung1605:5725:57:50
30Paul Geist1606:2226:22:49
31Brenden Lingg1606:3726:37:25
32David Welch1606:3726:37:26
33Margaret Campbell1606:4826:48:43
34Dan Rogers1606:4926:49:53
35Dana Sanford1606:4926:49:54
36Andy Peterson1606:5326:53:34
37Amy Macintire1607:1527:15:51
38DeWayne Satterfield1607:1627:16:58
39Patrick Kanold1607:2527:25:14
40Alex Galasso1607:2827:28:08
41Ryan Staggs1607:3827:38:36
42Jesse Fuller1607:4427:44:33
43Bryson Smith1607:4927:49:08
44Jim Treece1607:5127:51:22
45Jason Maruccio1608:3228:32:29
46Ryan Nebel1608:3928:39:14
47Jim Harris1609:2329:23:40
48John Fitz1609:4129:41:10
49Rick Bennett1609:4129:41:17
50Michal Kawecki1609:4729:47:43
51Barry Hauptman1609:4729:47:55
52Jake Kruse1609:4829:48:54
53Mary Beth Strickler1609:5329:53:07
54Susan Donnelly1610:0530:05:22
55Pedro Soto1610:0530:05:22
56Christopher Anthony1610:1030:10:35
57Bernard Pesjak1610:1130:11:44
58Louis Kugel1610:1130:11:47
59Thad Will1610:1930:19:38
60Gregory Holden1610:3230:32:20
61Russell Dresher1610:3330:33:40
62Mike Jones1610:4230:42:09
63John Love1610:4230:42:09
64Eli Burakian1611:0231:02:02
65Matthew Vahey1611:0931:09:03
66Jack Anderson1611:1131:11:53
67Jesse Meadows1611:1331:13:45
68Kevin Mullen1611:2331:23:41
69Larry Huffman1611:2431:24:29
70Rob Tidwell1611:2531:25:15
71Donald Hellen1611:4431:44:32
72Rhoda Smoker1611:4731:47:00
73Kevin Dempsey1611:5131:51:18
74Steven Andrews1611:5631:56:14
75Alexander Schnoeller1611:5931:59:42
76Jace Neuenschwander1612:0532:05:32
77Paul Encarnacion1612:0932:09:38
78Robert Kolb1612:1332:13:10
79Juan Cardona1612:1932:19:16
80Kurt Rosenkrantz1612:1932:19:16
81William Lorenc1612:2132:21:53
82Anatoly Ross1612:2232:22:22
83Dawn Gray1612:2432:24:49
84Olivier Jacqueau1612:2832:28:29
85Levi Rizk1612:2832:28:29
86Francesco Riccadonna1612:3032:30:27
87Carlos Rettally1612:3332:33:04
88Justin Peake1612:3632:36:40
89Jeremy Hand1612:3732:37:34
90Charles De Vilmori1612:4932:49:26
91Todd Henderson1612:5132:51:07
92Rhonda Stricklett1612:5332:53:00
93Jeffry Brower1612:5332:53:22
94Dan Hawk1612:5532:55:48
95Travis Bertram1612:5932:59:52
96Ron Kappus1613:0633:06:32
97Alberto Vazquez1613:1033:10:35
98Jason Dunsavage1613:1233:12:56
99Alan Johnson1613:1733:17:30
100Otto Lam1613:1933:19:34
101Jeff Pence1613:2033:20:59
102Quinten Gordon1613:2433:24:20
103Ray Bovaird1613:2633:26:16
104Greg Trapp1613:2633:26:16
105John Peabody1613:2833:28:23
106Paul Sherlock1613:3833:38:19
107Stephen Mohr1613:4033:40:55
108Brian Carr1613:4733:47:47
109Lisa Bandiera-Woetzel1613:4833:48:10
110Adeline Ntam1613:4833:48:10
111Jamie Greenawalt1613:4833:48:10
112Ernesto Casarez1613:4933:49:43
113John Correiro1613:4933:49:43
114David Robertson1614:0634:06:44
115Lisa Johnston1614:0734:07:46
116Gary Peterson1614:1734:17:09
117Paul Lefelhocz1614:1834:18:32
118Gaynor Bourgeois1614:2034:20:26
119Travis Alfrey1614:2134:21:49
120Josh Howe1614:2134:21:57
121Elaine Acosta1614:2234:22:14
122George Hollerbach1614:2234:22:14
123Bryan Slotterbach1614:2234:22:14
124Eric Eldridge1614:2434:24:16
125Josh Jones1614:2734:27:06
126Jen Jacobs1614:3234:32:57
127Kumiko Hart1614:3434:34:42
128Irving Bennett1614:4334:43:21
129Rogelio Bennett1614:4334:43:21
130Madeline Radigan1614:4434:44:13
131Emir Dedic1614:4734:47:56
132John W. Taylor1614:4834:48:25
133John Delcalzo1614:4934:49:51
134Mike Crowley1614:5034:50:54
135Kristen Sutcliffe1614:5034:50:54
136Roy Heger1614:5234:52:31
137Don Riley1615:0135:01:12
138Sophorn Choup1615:0135:01:42
139Philip Pagdanganan1615:1235:12:49
140Jordan Schmidt1615:2235:22:11
141Shelly Cable1615:2635:26:32
142Julius Garcia1615:2935:29:04
143Eric Thomson1615:2935:29:40
144Vincent Swendsen1615:3235:32:00
145Todd Wolford1615:3235:32:04
146John Daniel1615:4035:40:30
147Sarah Curtis1615:4835:48:34
148Luc Hale1615:4835:48:34
149Leonard Martin1615:5635:56:53
150Judith Weber1411:19dnf
151Mike Maher1308:30dnf
152Andy Lewin1200:55dnf
153Brian O'Connor1201:31dnf
154Todd Sinclair1203:47dnf
155Bob Anderson1207:22dnf
156Caleb Steedley1208:31dnf
157Dani Seiss1102:12dnf
158Kelly Miller1103:55dnf
159Ed Kirk1104:10dnf
160Guillermo E Ayala1121:12dnf
161Laura Mooney1122:54dnf
162Ed Walsh1000:41dnf
163David Glaser1020:04dnf
164Joshua Peffley1020:34dnf
165Maria Campos1021:07dnf
166Spencer Wells1021:14dnf
167Tim Kowtko1021:47dnf
168Llewelyn Engel1022:37dnf
169Kevin Martin1023:27dnf
170Gary Knipling1023:35dnf
171Dave Yeakel Jr1023:35dnf
172Adam Casseday916:55dnf
173Jim Daniels917:19dnf
174Ryan O'Dell918:27dnf
175Dan Aghdam918:29dnf
176Jason Pardue918:41dnf
177Scott Snyder919:16dnf
178Charlie Joyce919:20dnf
179Shana Jackson919:22dnf
180Gary Maier919:36dnf
181Sherry Meador919:36dnf
182Victor Lin919:51dnf
183Jacob Findley920:23dnf
184Aaron Louden920:23dnf
185Allan Holtz920:59dnf
186Tony Escobar820:23dnf
187Susana Ponte615:24dnf
188Francesco Smith615:24dnf
189Mike Johnson615:51dnf
190Ryan Quinnelly510:39dnf
191Jonathan Weiser513:31dnf
192Bob Coyne514:55dnf
193Cindylee Torres514:55dnf
194John Hord515:01dnf
195Gary Baum208:00dnf

What's the Weather Like?

Click for Luray, Virginia ForecastDon't forget the U.S. Weather Service page. It takes some getting used to, but it is very helpful.

See for Yourself     

This is for those who want to see it. During the daylight hours, you can see what the weather is. Sort of. Is it overcast, sunny, or raining?

1. View from the Blue Ridge: You can see a live view of the Massanutten Mountains from the Mountain View Web Cam in the Shenandoah National Park. (More about the camera.) The camera is not in the Massanuttens, but it is pointing west toward them. The most distant ridge is in West Virginia. The two ridges in front of that are the Massanuttens. If you look closely, you will see Kennedy Peak and Edinburg Gap. The start/finish is between those two landmarks. It is not visible. This camera is above 3,000 feet. The Massanuttens are 2,000 feet. Fog that the camera sees may not be replicated on the course. Explanation of the camera's image:
Web Cam Detail

2. View from Page Valley: This camera is south of Luray and points, we think, to the east -- the Blue Ridge. The Massanutten Mountain is behind the camera. This weather, however, should be similar to that at the race. Luray Weather Cam

MMT 2017 Live

Start: 4:00 a.m., May 6, 2017

Fort Valley Time Now 05:24:41
Time Since Start not race day
Sunrise/set on May 6 6:11/20:11


Bradley Revenis and Kathleen Cusick win!

Run Info

The Updates

Sunday 16:02 It's all over! Congrats to all runners and thanks to Kevin Sayers and all the volunteers! See you next year!

Sunday 12:28 The results will be here for a day or two. But we will make them final soon including our cleaned up splits.

Sunday 12:28 It's clear and cool now. Many happy finishers!

Sunday 04:47 This was Kathleen's ninth MMT finish and Bradley's first.

Sunday 04:37 Kathleen becomes the first person to win MMT three years in a row. Several runners have won MMT two years in a row. Sue Johnston did that twice. But Kathleen becomes the first to do the triple. Sue's five MMT wins are still the most by anyone.

Saturday 23:01 Bradley Revenis won the 2017 MMT 100. In April, he won Bull Run Run accomplishing a feat done by Brian Rusiecki last year--winning both major VHTRC events in the same year.

Saturday 21:22 The leaders should be close to the last aid station. Will it be a Bull Run Run/MMT double win, or OD/MMT consecutive wins? We will find out soon.

Saturday 21:21 It's 45 degrees outside our headquarters. It's clearing and breezy. It's nice here inside!

Saturday 11:43 Woodstock Aid Station closed but we don't have the times for the last people. We know they went through, however. All 194 people who left Edinburg got to Woodstock and went on.

Saturday 10:26 It's 50 degrees with light rain.

Saturday 04:36 195 runners started.

Saturday 04:19 It was 45 degrees at the start. Weather clear so far.

Friday 21:47 It's cool and clear. See you tomorrow!

Friday 13:08 It's about 70 degrees and raining gently.

Here are a points you should remember:

Our Plans

We will be radio headquaters near, but not at, the finish line. We may have Internet access where we will be. We hope that the walk to upload data that we had to make in past years will again not be necessary this year.

We hope to have our first update by noon on Saturday. That should confirm who has started and should have the results from the first major aid station at Edinburg Gap, 12.1 miles. Then we will try to upload as often as we can.

We have learned there is much room for error. Most of our information will be accurate. Some will not be.

If you have a question or want to understand the process better, check out the frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the updates, let us know. Late at night, it helps to know someone is out there! You can reach us at

by Anstr Davidson

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