Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Leader Board

Last Updated: 19:55:02, April 23 2014 (EDT)
Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
Leader Board
1Denis Mikhaylov1600:2620:26:30
2Brad Hinton1601:3321:33:44
3Evan Cestari1601:3521:35:25
4Julian Vicente1602:3922:39:25
5David Ploskonka1602:5422:54:48
6David Brown1603:0223:02:56
7Matt Koppenheffer1603:0823:08:37
8Jack Bailey1603:2223:22:42
9Aaron Spurlock1603:2623:26:44
10Rande Brown1603:3023:30:49
11James Conway1604:3324:33:45
12Bill Tryon1604:4424:44:59
13Ryan Meulemans1604:5224:52:31
14Ken Niemimaa1604:5524:55:45
15Keith Knipling1605:0425:04:21
16Brenden Lingg1605:0425:04:34
17Barry Lass1605:1425:14:29
18Antonio Cillo1605:2325:23:33
19Robin Watkins1605:3025:30:18
20Bryson Smith1605:3325:33:32
21Dan Spurlock1605:3725:37:46
22Ryan O'Dell1606:1526:15:39
23Ryan Henry1606:1926:19:59
24Sheryl Wheeler1606:5126:51:35
25Michael Scherzer1606:5726:57:59
26Kathleen Cusick1607:1327:13:20
27Jordan Wirfs-Brock1607:1827:18:15
28Tom Page1607:2027:20:23
29David Allara1607:2527:25:46
30Jim Harris1607:2627:26:09
31Brad Koenig1607:2627:26:09
32Patrick Kanold1607:3127:31:21
33Kari Brown1607:3827:38:47
34Bernard Pesjak1607:4127:41:05
35Jack Anderson1607:4327:43:26
36John Dove1607:4827:48:02
37Padraig Mullins1607:5827:58:06
38Brian Ricketts1608:1528:15:02
39Matthew Heisey1608:1828:18:01
40Dan Lehmann1608:2128:21:22
41Jocelyn Briggs1608:2328:23:44
42Eric Harris1608:2428:24:51
43Ronald Green1608:3428:34:01
44Miguel Perez1608:4628:46:07
45Patrice Godin1608:4828:48:13
46Tim ODonnell1608:4928:49:15
47Jess Mullen1608:5028:50:53
48Joseph Schramka1608:5128:51:42
49Paul Heffernan1609:1829:18:08
50Bill Susa1609:1929:19:32
51David Weigert1609:2129:21:00
52Nelson Hernandez1609:2429:24:10
53Jason Brady1609:2429:24:30
54Jay Finkle1609:2529:25:44
55Denis Cook1609:2629:26:20
56Megan McGrath1609:2629:26:20
57Chris Dollar1609:3329:33:04
58Ryan Nebel1609:3729:37:12
59Mike Sutherland1609:3929:39:23
60Larry Huffman1609:3929:39:41
61Susan Donnelly1609:3929:39:50
62Rhonda Stricklett1609:4029:40:47
63David Eck1609:4429:44:45
64Larry Watson II1609:5029:50:58
65Ray Bovaird1609:5929:59:41
66Chris Wilde1610:0730:07:08
67Greg Trapp1610:0730:07:37
68Harry Behm1610:1230:12:33
69William McGovern1610:1330:13:48
70Brian O'Connor1610:2330:23:41
71Brian Elliott1610:3630:36:59
72Sheila Rao1610:3630:36:59
73Kim Love-Ottobre1610:3730:37:27
74Dima Feinhaus1611:0431:04:42
75Joanne Fenninger1611:0831:08:26
76Jen Barker1611:1231:12:22
77Christopher Martin1611:1331:13:32
78Christopher Agbay1611:1331:13:33
79Courtney Nester1611:1731:17:27
80Ron Eshleman1611:2231:22:45
81Paul Lefelhocz1611:2731:27:03
82David Snipes1611:2831:28:54
83Slawomir Zaglewski1611:2931:29:20
84Ali Turfe1611:3431:34:14
85John W. Taylor1611:4231:42:09
86Rick Gray1611:4631:46:48
87Jim Ashworth1611:5031:50:48
88Keith Blom1611:5231:52:11
89Eric Grol1611:5631:56:17
90Alan Johnson1612:0532:05:51
91Jen Jacobs1612:0732:07:29
92Joe McQuade1612:0732:07:36
93Stephen Cooper1612:2232:22:46
94Nathan Kreeger1612:3532:35:47
95Stanley Beckwith1612:3732:37:56
96Roy Heger1612:4732:47:34
97Berton Keith1612:4932:49:26
98Brett Lynch1612:5132:51:54
99Charles Leonard1612:5732:57:17
100Betsy Nickle1613:0133:01:50
101Jessica Gockley1613:1033:10:21
102Al Campos1613:1633:16:58
103Marge Ascari1613:2233:22:59
104Chris Dugan1613:2633:26:51
105Olivier Jacqueau1613:2733:27:09
106Philip Westlake1613:3133:31:47
107Desiree Cowie1613:4633:46:52
108Richard Lilly1613:5133:51:34
109Douglas Gray1614:0034:00:28
110Jimm Ouellette1614:0234:02:31
111Jacob Boopalan1614:0334:03:15
112Gary Maier1614:0334:03:15
113Andrew Carlson1614:0334:03:54
114Victor Lin1614:0434:04:31
115Paul Crickard1614:1634:16:28
116Jim Treece1614:1634:16:28
117Lisa Johnston1614:1634:16:28
118Gilbert Gray1614:1634:16:28
119John Godinet1614:1634:16:28
120Carrie Wolfe1614:1934:19:14
121Peter Josendale1614:2534:25:29
122Bob Combs1614:2534:25:36
123Bob Anderson1614:2734:27:36
124Steve Bodnar1614:3134:31:59
125Brian Ottinger1614:3434:34:09
126David Brault1614:3434:34:33
127Siobhan Leonardis1614:3534:35:07
128Jeff Landon1614:3834:38:14
129Bruce Tweedie1614:4734:47:38
130Yuki Negoro1614:5134:51:37
131Samuel Taggart1614:5134:51:37
132Vincent Swendsen1615:0435:04:50
133Gary Peterson1615:0535:05:40
134Makoto Kitamura1615:1235:12:45
135Gary Knipling1615:1335:13:21
136Pedro Soto1615:1435:14:34
137Michelle Bichsel1615:2435:24:38
138Joseph Laskey1615:2735:27:25
139Max Alvarado1615:2935:29:06
140Beni Hawkins1615:2935:29:46
141Shannon MacGregor1615:3435:34:06
142Sean Marcsisin1615:3435:34:53
143KC Guevara1615:3535:35:31
144Eric Law1615:3835:38:31
145Bob Dunfey1615:4035:40:42
146Rhonda Hampton1615:4135:41:40
147Jack Evans1615:4735:47:52
148Jason Lantz1600:31dns
149Mike Bailey1611:38dnf
150Brenda Bland1614:42dns
151James Blandford1622:30dns
152Jim Daniels1402:57 
153Beth Auman1406:44 
154Thomas Chobot1407:45 
155Mike Frank1200:41 
156Brett Welborn1203:28 
157Chihping Fu1205:12 
158Thomas Green1205:29 
159Ed Kirk1205:32 
160Allan Holtz1207:00 
161Matthew Bugin1220:03 
162Tom Corris1100:31 
163Robert Scott1102:19 
164Patrick McGlade1117:46 
165Shelly Cable1000:06 
166Mark Mckennett1000:06 
167Ed Cacciapaglia1000:24 
168John Straub1000:24 
169Tony Escobar1000:35 
170Giant Parlin1020:16 
171Kerry Owens1020:47 
172Kev Hawn1021:19 
173Michael Hannon1022:14 
174Andon Briggs1022:28 
175Dan Aghdam1022:41 
176George Alexion1023:35dnf
177Bob Fargo1023:37 
178Steven Patt1023:45 
179Joe Dudak916:29 
180James Miner918:05 
181Jeff Best918:40 
182Chris Grove919:27 
183Bill Losey919:32 
184Alan Gowen921:04 
185Bob ODonnell921:17 
186Paul Sherlock819:13 
187Art Perraud820:03 
188Mary Ann Yarborough820:24 
189Francesco Smith820:27 
190Jeff Engelbrecht820:33 
191Bob Cicalese820:35 
192Todd Mowery820:47 
193Paul Roberts511:43 
194Timothy Ellis512:56 
195Nathan Sanel308:26 
196Gavin Watson309:05 
197Mike Mason206:16 
198Tim Toogood206:52 

What's the Weather Like?

Click for Luray, Virginia ForecastDon't forget the U.S. Weather Service page. It takes some getting used to, but it is very helpful.

See for Yourself     

View from the Blue Ridge: You can see a live view of the Massanutten Mountains from the Mountain View Web Cam in the Shenandoah National Park. This camera only refreshes during the daylight hours. The camera is not in the Massanuttens, but it is pointing west toward them. The most distant ridge is in West Virginia. The two ridges in front of that are the Massanuttens. If you look closely, you will see Kennedy Peak and Edinburg Gap. The start/finish is between those two landmarks. It is not visible. This camera is above 3,000 feet. The Massanuttens are 2,000 feet. Local fog may not be replicated on the course. See this detail of the camera's image:
Web Cam Detail

View fromI-81: This camera is on I-81. It is just south of Edinburg and faces north. The Massanutten Mountain is to the right. This picture isn't much, but if it is raining here, it is probably raining on the course. I-81 Camera

MMT 2014 Live
Any data here now is just testing

Start: 4:00 a.m., May 17, 2014

Fort Valley Time Now: 18:06:01
Time Since Start: not race day
Sunrise on May 17 6:00
Sunset on May 17 20:21


Jim Blandford wins 2013 MMT, Robin Watkins is first woman, largest finishing rate in MMT history!

Run Info

The Updates

Sunday 15:59 We are out of here. If you don't see some error here, you are not looking hard. Please let us know if you see something. We want to get the splits as accurate as possible. They are a very valuable resource for the future.

Sunday 15:54 We will have a results page tomorrow (Monday). In the meantime, you can take the results link on this page and see the overall results, each age group, and the Solo Division.

Sunday 15:53 We didn't want to say this sooner, but we really lucked out. The weather report all weekend was for some rain. 60-70%. We got virtually none. It was a bit humid, but generally good weather.

Sunday 15:50 All 151 people who were still in the race finished under the time limit. We are pretty sure that this is the highest finishing percentage ever. We will check that after we get some sleep. We will enter the last finishers soon.

Sunday 15:13 Gary Knipling just finished his 16th MMT at 69 years old. He was, naturally, smiling!

Sunday 15:11 The awards ceremony is about to start. There are a few runners left. For a couple, the 36 hour cutoff will be tight.

Sunday 13:54 The last aid station, Gap Creek, has closed. No one dropped there. There are 151 people who have finished or are on the last section to the finish. This will be a very high finishing rate.

Sunday 11:14 Picnic Area is shut down so that only Gap II is open. There are 151 runners who have either finished or are on the course.

Sunday 08:58 Bird Knob is now closed.

Sunday 08:17 Only three aid stations open now - Bird Knob, the Picnic Area, and Gap II.

Sunday 08:12 Two records have been set so far. Sheryl Wheeler's 26:51:35 set a new Senior Woman record, besting Vicki Kendall's record by over an hour. Sheryl won the 2010 MMT. Dan Spurlock set a new Super Senior record. His 25:37:46 was over an hour under Mike Campbell's previous record.

Sunday 05:43 Robin Watkins, of Washington, DC, came from behind to win MMT at her first try at the event. Robin was behind Kathleen Cusick through the Picnic Area (88 miles), but she gained an hour on Kathleen in the next stretch. Robin's time was the 10th fastest for a woman in the history of the event.

Sunday 00:56 We are getting data from Bird Knob by cell phone. They take a picture of their time sheet and then e-mail it to us here at headquarters. It is working very well!

Sunday 00:55 We should say that the food here has been great! First, Bob Fabia fed all the volunteers like kings. No the Gaylord Gang is here to feed everyone at the finish line. It is very good. Thanks guys and girls!

Saturday 22:36 After battling with several other runners for much of the day, Jim Blandford pulled away to win the race in the eight fastest time in the history of the event.

Saturday 22:12 There are two of us entering data as well as several radio operators and the aid station volunteers. We will be up all night. We plan to keep posting data. So stay up with us!

Saturday 22:09 Jim Blandford is on the home stretch. We expect him soon. There will be a small group here to greet him. It is 60 degrees but feels warmer. Jim is at least an hour ahead of his nearest competitor.

Saturday 16:55 James Blandford, who is leading, is a half hour ahead of Jason Lantz's aid station 11 time of last year. Jason's finish time last year was 19:33. James was second at Bull Run Run a month ago.

Saturday 10:59 It's 67 degrees, overcast, and humid at headquarters. It is not a perfect day for running, but a lot better than yesterday.

Saturday 09:52 The good news is that we can upload frequently, but the bad news is that it is still error prone. The folks at Woodstock took a photo of their time sheet and sent it to us. But a couple of numbers were not legible. If you see a problem with the results, fee free to point it out to us. We know these data are far from perfect.

Saturday 08:17 We received an e-mail with a photo of the first few runners from Woodstock. That is why there are a few runners with times from Woodstock.

Saturday 08:10 Will have the splits from Edinburg soon. 198 started, two dropped at Edinburg. The lead runners are through Woodstock and probably Powells by now.

Saturday 05:27 The runners started at 4 am. There were 197 starters and one person who did not check in. So it could be 198 starters. We will find out at Edinburg. It is 60 degrees and calm. We have entered the Did Not Starts. You can see them at the bottom of the "Results" link to the right. Several people have joined the Solo division. There is not an up to date list, but if you look at a runner's splits it should reflect if he or she is in the Solo Division.

Friday 18:55 All but about 15 people are signed in. It was warm today, hopefully a bit cooler tomorrow. We should have the starters list about 4:30 am tomorrow, and then the first aid station results around nine or so.

Friday 07:19 A Cicada!

Friday 05:44 49 degrees, calm, and clear at the Camp. If we weren't awake anyway, the whippoorwills took care of that.

Thursday 17:17 While it looks like we will be able to upload data more often, we will likely get started slowly. We will not have radio support at the aid stations until Elizabeth Furnace at 33 miles. We will have the data from Edinburg, 12.1, because we will drive the results back. After Elizabeth Furnace, we should have data from all the aid stations except for Shawl and Indian Grave Ridge. We are handling Bird Knob by a cell phone to radio link. So those times may be delayed.

Thursday 17:02 We uploaded a couple of pictures of the Camp. It is quiet and peaceful now. It will change tomorrow. Take the photos link to the right.

Here are a points you should remember:

Our Plans

We will be radio headquaters near, but not at, the finish line. We may have Internet access where we will be. We hope that the walk to upload data that we had to make in past years will again not be necessary this year.

We hope to have our first update by noon on Saturday. That should confirm who has started and should have the results from the first major aid station at Edinburg Gap, 12.1 miles. Then we will try to upload as often as we can.

We have learned there is much room for error. Most of our information will be accurate. Some will not be.

If you have a question or want to understand the process better, check out the frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the updates, let us know. Late at night, it helps to know someone is out there! You can reach us at

by Anstr Davidson

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