Candidate Statement: Dave Herring

Hi, my name is Dave Herring and I'm hoping to be able to serve on your board of the VHTRC.  I'm currently 46 years old and have been running on and off my entire life.  I've been a club member for about 7 years and a listserv lurker since the mid 2000's.  I live out in the mountains of Linden, VA.  I love trail running and ultras.  I am very passionate about running and I'm passionate about our club. 

The VHTRC means many different things to many people, but I think most would agree that the club is really about two things - running and relationships.  Whether you are part of a bigger group of friends within the club or it's just you and your favorite running buddy, the VHTRC is there for you with love and support.  I want to help foster these relationships between you and the club.  To help give you a voice to continue the great tradition this club has maintained for over 25 years.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very good listener and want nothing but the best for our club.  The VHTRC grows every year, so every year there are more people to listen too.  There are more ideas that need to be shared.  I want to help bridge that gap between you the member and club leadership.  This is my small way of trying to give back to help our club continue to be the gold standard of trail running clubs in America.  Thank you ALL for your consideration.