Candidate Statement: Tom McNulty

Let’s be honest... it could be snowing, blowing, freezing, sleeting and whatever else God awful weather you can think of; and we’d still rather be running!

Hello! I’m White House Tom (WHTom) or Tom McNulty. I’ve been serving on the VHTRC Board here now for 2 years and can’t tell you how much of a great and rewarding experience it has been. My hope to be able to serve you all again for 2 more years. You may know me from eating the food or drinking the smoothies at the finish lines of our races or at the Awards Party. Or from the runs I’ve helped lead at VHTRC/DCCS Wednesday Night Runs and Sundays in the Park. Or I’ve had the pleasure of running with you on the trails while wearing my kilt.


That’s my hashtag that I live by. I love running... but nothing makes running better than running with my friends! And whenever I feel myself fading, I close my eyes and realize that my friends and family are my energy. VHTRC is both friends and family and I draw so much energy from being around everyone of you! 

The reason I love this club so much is the willingness to except everyone but also to protect our own. I’m a firm believer in the “No drop” policy. Whether it’s Sundays in the Park or Wolfpack runs on Wednesdays; am always going to make sure that everyone is included and feels the love. Nothing makes me happier than introducing someone new to both the great experience of the trails and all of my family in VHTRC. Their smile after that is immeasurable. 

In short, we all have a tough decision ahead of us in narrowing down the 8 candidates to 5. But in looking at the list of candidates, I’m so excited to see all these names and I know that whatever the outcome, it’s going to be great for us all.

And I’m looking to work on several things, whether elected or not. VHTRC Trail Movie Night(s)! Social Media, Website and the such! Awards! Dedicated Wednesday Night runs site with routes like our SIP site!

Can’t wait to see what the future of VHTRC holds and am happy to be a part of it like you!

Cheers and see you on the trails!